The transformation of mobile applications has been remarkable throughout these years. They aren’t merely a medium of entertainment anymore. They are now an inevitable component in business, it denotes the best way to engage customers. In fact, from the perspective of many business domains, the whole business is all about the application itself. Parallely, the number of global app users is ascending day by day. Guess what! The figure is expected to reach 258 billion by 2022. However, the process of app development is not as simple as it seems to you. It takes great effort, dedication, risk and a substantial amount of resources and money, to successfully deploy an application. So, with a vision to help small and medium businesses, Agriya, has begun offering end-to-end app solutions for entry-level organizations. Organizations can either employ the ready-made solutions or avail our comprehensive app development services to set up customized mobile apps from the scratch.

Delivering Industry-focused Solutions for Entry-level Business Organizations

Rather than following the traditional development procedure Agriya centers on delivering solutions for niches and businesses that aims to step into the same. By providing comprehensive software support for business, Agriya helps them secure their spot in the modern-day digital arena.

Unlike other conventional software service providers, Agriya performs comprehensive market, demographic and user analysis to stay relevant to the industry and business they are serving. Moreover, they claim complete responsibility for their services and ensure maximum sustenance through constant upgrades and fixes. However, to make the best of their efforts and to guarantee the utmost efficiency and productivity, they adopt the best of technologies available. React native, Java, Objective-C and all possibilities are being utilized to deploy incredible software that clearly meets the needs of a market.

Anyhow, Agriya’s provides app development services for a broad range of industry segments, which is mentioned as follows,

Business Verticals

Business Communication

The sole purpose of a business communication app is to establish active and efficient communication within an organization. Since collaboration between the team members is crucial to the success of any project, to implement an efficient communication channel is inevitable. Foreseeing the great significance and demand for business communication apps among the businesses, Agriya began working on framing an approach that helps them deploy dynamic and robust business communication apps within an affordable price range. Now, we deliver end-to-end software solutions for businesses who seek to set up solid communication channels.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking applications are clearly the product of digital transformation. Soon as the world began slipping to a digital dimension, the banking sector has taken a step forward to cope with his ongoing transformation process. Unlike the conventional banking process, users can now download the application and perform their desired operation within the platform. This convenience and flexibility have taken the concept of online banking to the next level. Agriya, as a renowned IT service provider, noticed this exploding increase in the demand and started delivering end-to-end mobile banking solutions for businesses that crave for a similar one.


The massive success of Amazon, eBay, and other similar businesses has given rise to many E-commerce business startups. However, since startup businesses are more likely to encounter the financial crisis, to spend a huge amount of time and money in the process is hardly possible. Agriya’s E-commerce app development services are far affordable and efficient and are designed specifically to satisfy entry-level businesses.

Logistics and Warehouse Management

Logistics and warehouse management is a crucial part of business as it deals with shipping, storage and a multitude of other functions. To efficiently track, monitor and document the process is important, for it has a remarkable impact on customer service, credibility and many other significant segments of a business. The logistics and warehouse management applications developed by Agriya are accurate and is based on current demands, expectations and the demographics of the target customers. In fact, businesses can cut down their development budget substantially as we provide complete development and support services for unbelievable prices. Besides, the performance, efficiency and the scalability will be incredible as well.

Real Estate

Real Estate signifies one of the prominent economies in the world. Since it includes the trade of properties, houses and more, the inception of real estate apps has brought great convenience to the users. A substantial amount of money and time can be saved with these apps. Apart from all the services that are mentioned above, Agriya offers real estate android app development services as well. They give similar consideration to both users and business and maintain a market-focused approach to ensure a cutting-edge experience to both the entities.

Food Ordering and Delivery

Known as a necessity to sustain life, food is something more than a business. It deserves to be accessible to anyone at any time. Online food ordering and delivery is a process of booking a meal via mobile app and delivering the same within a fixed period of time. Since the inception of this idea, people have begun to fancy this concept. The convenience, flexibility, and availability have allured many people towards this. In fact, it has become a standard as every restaurant and fast food chains began integrating the same as part of their strategy. Agriya also deploys food ordering and delivery apps for businesses that wants to incorporate the same into their business. Their development practices are planned based on the requirements and the conditions of the market the business is dealing with.

More Solutions from Us

Aside from the aforementioned services, Agriya also deploys ready-made software solutions, which can easily be employed by businesses to set up incredible software platforms. Recently developed and the most prominent among all of Agriya’s ready-made app scripts is TaxiPickr – Uber clone script, which is a taxi booking solution and can be used by organizations to deploy an Uber-like ride-hailing mobile app. With a multitude of features incorporated within, TaxiPickr implies the best taxi application available on the market today.

Explore our website to know more about ready-made scripts.

Bottom Line

The significance of mobile app development in today’s digital business setup is huge and this is why we strive to be the most qualified mobile app development company in the globe. However, our efforts are not in vain, for we now provide innovative technology solutions for a wide spectrum of industries and businesses. Also, we offer web solutions and respective support services to support businesses from all around the globe.

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