Lately, the gig economy is progressing at a steep rate. By which, employment in gig economy is increasing far faster than conventional payroll employment. The freelancing marketplace is evolving prolifically with more number of freelance workers than ever. Along with that, numerous platforms, connecting employers with freelancers are rising widely. The reason being the technological advancements they were and are able to cope with. When it comes to a freelance marketplace website, transparency is the key. By adopting latest technological improvements, visibility status of the platform increases, thereby becoming conducive to supporting conversions.

Agriya’s new look Getlancer – Freelancer Script

Getlancer, a freelancing marketplace script acts as an intermediate platform connecting employers with freelancers and vice versa. We developed this script in assisting entrepreneurs to get an instant grip on proceedings. With this pre-built and conceptualized script, one can readily build platforms for bidding, Job-listing, portfolio and local service listing.

This software from Agriya reached out many entrepreneurs with simple yet powerful attributes. Now, our clients have asked for some fine-tuning inclusive of new technicalities. For that and to tweak the software’s on-going stability, Agriya will soon upgrade entire Getlancer product-line with applicable developments.

What does this update cover?

For businesses having scaled decent amount of success, the possibility of increased web traffic arises prolifically. That’s why your platform must be highly scalable. Obviously, high range of scalability creates a transition effective enough to increase concurrency. We are working on improving caching which ensures better scalability.

And then, major adaptation will be the two new frameworks. Yes, hereafter, the front-end of the script will be actuating under the futuristic AngularJS and Back-end under micro-framework slim.

Coming to the design part, the UX will be changed significantly following an user-centered approach. With this contextual design, the script can build on user experience. Functional animations, Conversational Interfaces, typographical typefaces, and fonts will be presented excellently for easy interpretation. Collectively, this is how homepage of the new version of Getlancer script will look,

Getlancer New Version

A RESTful application:

Now, this product-line is all set to become RESTful. REST (Representational State Transfer) Technology helps to generate sizable interoperability which will of be a great use for future. In addition to that, it provides streamlined security measures building on stability and flexibility.

Final words

Agriya is working on all these changes to bring forward a smooth-running application. With development at final phase, upgraded version of Getlancer is all set to be released shortly.

New Version of Agriya Getlancer