Innovation is the powerhouse of web development. Agriya’s Kootali and Rayzz have proved this to the online industry. Even though we gained a lot of popularity for these scripts, we have decided to archive these products. Why we made such a huge decisions? We would like to share it with you. Let’s cruise through these products.

Glimpse of Kootali

Kootali is a ready-made script, which can create a wonderful Facebook clone website for any kind of niche in the world. It has earned a lot of fame in online world. This script was featured in Forbes. It is a best way to take social media community to the next level.

Overview of Rayzz

Rayzz is a multipurpose video sharing script, which can create a website like YouTube. It can also empower a website to share images and create communities as well. This script has created over 1000 video sharing websites around the world.

Why we are archiving these products?

Agriya archived these products since it found that there is not much creativity required for their development. We always want to bring something new for the online markets. We try to make sure that our clients receive the maximum rewards of the benefits from our clone scripts.

Can you get these products?

We have preserved these products for you. If you wish to opt these products for your projects, you can visit our archive section and view their benefits. After which, you can contact us for these products. We will process your request as earliest as possible.