Agriya is now Agriya®

Agriya is a symbol for rising beyond the horizon and presenting new innovation in the clone script industry. We are very delighted to announce that we have also obtained a symbol of trademark from the USPTO for the term–“Agriya”. We have registered this trademark on 6th May 2014.

Agriya is a Sanskrit word which means First and the Best in English. We now have the rights to raise any kind of legal action for the below-mentioned issues.

  • Using any kind of brand name or product name which sounds or spells like “Agriya”
  • Third-party websites who don’t secure the usage of the term-“Agriya”
  • Usage of the word Agriya in any unhealthy way
  • Usage of the term Agriya in any graphical format.

Our trademark is listed in the case number 86016201 for web development, PDA, software programs, mobile applications, financial platforms, computer database management software, computer software, computer games, etc. Have a detailed look at Agriya’s trademark registration document in the USPTO Gazette.

Final word

Our CTO, Aravind Kumar owns this trademark. This has empowered us to conserve our brand and company’s name Agriya. This trademark document will act as a first evidence when we raise any legal concerns or actions against people who infringe our trademark.