The new-age crowdfunding concepts are getting some serious traction as digital dimension began bringing the world a bit closer together. There exists a time when the first thought of every business enthusiast was trapped in the idea of business loans. However, the novel form of fundraising we know today is much advanced and is clearly defined to meet the demands of diverse business models we adopt; what is more, crowdfunding by itself has become an incredible business concept. Moreover, the opportunities are proportionally high comparing to the years passed by.

The journey of Agriya has commenced a couple of decades ago; over these years of time, we have assisted a wide array of enterprises, served the needs of diverse market scenarios. The crowdfunding solution developed and promoted by Agriya is n’t an exception but so far seized the attention of millennial businesses. However, since issuing timely upgrades are crucial to ensure the efficiency and consistency of any software, we have come to a conscious conclusion to streamline the major aspects in our Lend script that needs to be transformed to fit the expectations of millennials.

A Significant Technological Paradigm Shift: Introduced Golang and Reactjs

The major reason behind this newbie approach is the realization that a highly intuitive interface can change the game of business. A straight to the point value proposition, mobile-compatible site navigation, trust signals, clear call-to-actions and a short and sweet checkout process is a must to counteract today’s digital competition. Our recently issued upgrade version is primarily focused on endowing the built-in interface with everything your users expect from you. Because both Golang and ReactJS are two widely acknowledged technologies, its beneficial impact on UI effectiveness, also the ease of access will be massive. Excluding the high-speed page loading and responsive navigation, aspects including information architecture, browser consistency, error handling, and piping are streamlined to deliver you the best digital experience.

Apart from the mentioned refinements, Data Security is taken into prior consideration. GO crypto package is adopted and taken good advantage to ensure the safety of all the data gathered. In addition to that managing total deposits, credits and the lend amount has made handy. Ultimately, operational efficiency and consistency of the software have significantly improved.

Key Highlights of Upgraded Lend Crowdfunding Solution

● Advanced error and exception handling to ensure utmost adequacy
● Interface-based programming practices for guaranteed maintainability
● ImprovedVisual Hierarchy and effective UI Content Organization
● Rationalized crowdfunding credit Management
● Sophisticated payment methodologies for reliable transactions
● CloudFare integration to make sure the content is delivered uniformly

Final Thoughts

Agriya niche-specific solutions are the result of profound market research, data analysis, customer behaviour studies and the great implementation of our strategies and our convictions. All these ready-made solutions are ready-made scripts and are one step away from transforming into all-encompassing digital platforms. The Lend Crowdfunding script isn’t an exception though, it incorporates all necessary aspects a fundraising platform need. Above all, the script can be modified, remodelled according to your unique demands and objectives.