Events have always been a part of our culture. Every civilization has their own way of gathering around and since ours is more of a tech-focused generation, hence demand more efficient event management methods. Agriya’s new event booking solution is an exceptional online ticketing system, which steers businesses by facilitating them to set up a first-rate booking application.

What’s New in Agriya’s Online Event Ticketing Solution?

Unlike any conventional event management system, the advanced solution from Agriya guarantees total control for businesses over their operations. Dedicated to ensuring convenience, it assures flexible mode of operations for both users and businesses. Now, let’s take a look at some powerful features, which best define the potency of our online event booking solution.

Unmatchable End-user Experience Via Intuitive UI

Users are the core priority of any business and to ensure maximum user-satisfaction is the key aspect to look into. Agriya’s all-inclusive online ticketing solution allows users to seamlessly indulge in the booking process. It rationalizes the workflow to simplify the whole process as well.

Flawless Booking Process and efficient Seat Mapping

Users can easily browse the events happening around them, further book tickets easily by providing necessary details. They can choose between the seats by considering the prices, availability, position or such like. The user can either book the ticket quickly or accumulate and hold the same for a brief period of time, before completing the actual payment.

Multiple Language Support For User Convenience

Users can change the language settings to bring a more localized impression to their operations. They can choose between different languages and use the platform in the same. Besides, when talking from the market perspective, it allows businesses to focus on region-specific business operations.

Real-time Notifications for clear communication

Admin can send real-time updates to users to alert them or to notify them about the progress they are making. For instance, the user will receive a confirmation as they complete their operation, which helps users to have an assurance.

Digital Wallet and Other Intact Payment Gateways

It is crucial for any businesses to integrate an efficient, reliable payment system. Agriya’s first-ever ticketing solution incorporates within itself the best payment gateways like Paypal to ensure secure money transactions. Besides, a digital wallet feature is included to facilitate easy online cash transactions.

Dynamic Ticketing system To Empower Your Business

There are a handful of features included in this impeccable event booking solution to help businesses improve their efficiency, moreover, prepare them to sustain in the market for long. To streamline the entire business operations is the prime purpose of this solution and to succeed in that, we incorporate below-given features.

Multiple Revenue Generation Schemes to Improve the ROI

Agriya’s top-notch event management software is a well-organized, cutting-edge solution and is built based on the targeted market analysis. It let businesses earn revenue through diverse methods.

Powerful Admin Dashboard To Efficiently Manage The Process

Introduced a next-generation admin panel, that allows taking control of the actions that happen within the platform. It help businesses to handle the frontend and backend controls efficiently.Ultimately, this helps administrators track real-time progress and stay accessed to your dashboard.

Category and Venue Management to Organize the Events

Admin can create, display and manage various event categories with ease, thus execute events of any size professionally and smoothly. Moreover, manage and organize multiple venue operations like transport links and accommodation.

Machine-driven Analytical Data For Valuable Insights

Businesses can have access to the intelligent insights that give a clear look at user behavior, response and more. Most importantly, it helps them take further actions with great clarity.

Built-in Email Templates for the Ease of Communication

Pre-built templates are introduced to save time and to bring more efficiency to the process. To deal with repetitive email questions is a hectic job and will definitely consume a lot of time and effort. The newly introduced Email templates will cut down the time and will allow utilizing the same for other productive tasks.

Segmentize the operations by Assigning Organizers

Admin is given the privilege to assign sub admins or organizers to segmentize the total business operations. To enhance the operational efficiency and the quality of the process is the purpose of this innovative feature. Admin can share the revenue between the organizers as well.

Bottom line

It takes a considerable amount of money, effort and time to develop a custom-build ticket booking application. Agriya’s online event ticketing solution is a ready to deploy software capable to produce a fully personalized event management system in no time. Take advantage of this premium event booking solution to develop an incredibly compatible, SEO friendly, adaptive ticketing application.