Education is an ever-evolving industry and thus it incorporates immense business possibilities. As for today, the information revolution has changed the way of learning and has introduced a new path of progress in education. To keep up with this current market flow, one has to develop a keen knowledge of industry challenges and further have to come up with the finest market solution that integrates novelty, integrity, and adaptability.

Agriya introduces an advance online learning portal that promises maximum market adaptation along with full operational capability and sustenance. The one-stop learning solution couple both instructors and students, deliver them with great freedom to interact smartly, ultimately providing a compelling, faultless learning experience.

Multi-purpose Solution For Comprehensive Learning

Agriya’s all-purpose online learning solution is a streamlined learning destination that incorporates all the necessary components and resources demanded by today’s educational expectations. It successfully contains instructors, learners, and moreover satisfies the business demands as well. Now, take a walk through the inventive attributes that make our E-learning solution stand out from others.

Online Learning Solution

Flexible Teaching Methodology That Keeps Highest Standards

Teachers being the most important modules in learning, Agriya’s online learning solution treat them as a prior consideration and allows them to operate flexibly, hence ensuring supreme teaching as well as learning experience. Have a look at some unique features that might help instructors to plan and execute their teaching strategies more efficiently.

  • Frame the lessons correspondingly
  • Arrange and organize the lessons with utmost ease
  • Plan and conduct classes online or on-site considering the suitability
  • Incorporate Videos, pdf/doc and more to ensure an engaging learning experience
  • Conduct assessments to gather relevant information about student progress
  • Integrate assignments, quizzes, Q/A etc to make the learning process more interactive
  • Invite experts from other disciplines to bring more value to the education
  • Share the revenue with associated faculties who joined your teaching venture

Feasible Learning Through Versatile Approach

Learning includes countless factors and a perfect learning practice is one that balance all these entities proportionally. Our one-stop learning solution is built by considering various student perspectives and hence incorporates all the possible learning strategies that will benefit the future of learning tremendously.

  • Choose from the best courses and learn seamlessly
  • Make use of flexible learning opportunities like online or on-site learning
  • Interactive video and document lessons for valuable learning
  • Interplay with instructors through quizzes, assignments, Q/A etc
  • Provide valuable feedback on courses
  • Make online payments in any of several foreign currencies

Business-centric E-learning Solution From Agriya

Agriya’s new online tutoring solution is a business-oriented approach, built with a vision to deliver complete operational freedom and validity for businesses to succeed in today’s educational sector.

  • Manage and organize students, instructors, departments and all other segments with ease
  • Enables bulk course creation to ensure convenience
  • Provide real-time feedback on courses
  • Earn revenue from Organic, referral, affiliate, and advertisement
  • Consolidated report which includes revenue information, courses insights and more
  • Precise analytics data for better and transparent business operations
  • Accept online payments in any of several foreign currencies
  • Streamline the whole process by assigning various sub-admins to administer the process efficiently

Final Thoughts

Agriya introduces this unparalleled learning solution with an objective to enhance the learning practices, elevate the teaching strategies and to couple both these entities with a business model to benefit the entire education scenario as a whole. It is a perfect fit for today’s education market and is the best logical pick for anyone who looks for a complete E-learning solution that fulfills their business objectives as well as the market needs.

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