Chennai, 27th March, 2009. Agriya Infoway announced the release of a new version of their popular software Kootali. Kootali is a facebook clone script, and gives the perfect environment to socialize with people online. The new version includes attractive features in the profile and search result pages, and in the photo and video applications.

In addition to various features in the profile page, the currently introduced version shows the views count and recent visitors in the user’s profile. Users can know how many people have seen their profiles through the views count, and recognize members who have seen their profile in recent times through the recent visitors feature. The user status is displayed below the view photos section of the profile page in different colors, to increase readability.

While networking with people online, knowing the current status of friends and other members plays a major role. Apart from knowing whether a member is online or offline, users can know the exact standing of a member like “busy at work” “free to chat” or  “don’t disturb”. Owing to the importance of current status, we have shown the user’s status message in the people search result page. Hence, you can find out the current status of any member and act accordingly.

It is easy to know the popularity of a photo, through the rating and views features. Users can view a photo and rate it by selecting a rating star. This feature helps the owner of the photo know how many people have seen it.
The Quick Links concept is implemented in the Video application, to help users add videos they want to watch later to the ‘others’ list. Through this feature, users can choose videos of interest from a collection of them and watch them later easily without having to browse through thousands of videos in the video application.

Visit customer area to upgrade to new version.