Agriya always helps customers in implementing a highly effective process that is streamlined to add more values. And, we do that by simply keeping pace with present market trends, understanding customer’s need and consistently aligning our scripts with those. We repeat it with all of the products to hand our customers several real-time benefits. This time, two of our products are up for changes.

They are,

1.Taxi Pickr- Uber clone script
2.Teachr- Udemy clone script

Here is a brief on what changes to look forward with these scripts.

What’s up with Taxi Pickr?

Taxi Pickr, an online taxi booking application is made subject to overall UI enhancements. Here, the focus is largely on transforming the application more user-friendly. For which, cardinal elements like Colors and patterns are under improvements. Ultimately, the needful is being done to effect a User Interface that basically suits a wide range of devices. Map tracking will also be optimized to support more accurate navigation. Earlier, users were limited to book a ride only through the application. Now, efforts are made to help a user perform the action via website too. Often in a taxi business, the admin has to setup and take control over the reported disputes. And, more often than not, the majority of the cases will be in connection with the claim for waiting charge. So, the updated version will be carrying an inbuilt mechanism that generates accurate fair estimation. Above all, both users and drivers shall enjoy the most of the specific design being performed to create room for individual experience.

An integrated e-learning solution coming your way!

Presently, Agriya maintains a total of seven e-learning scripts. Now, we have decided to facilitate customers in experiencing a single centered solution, all just through plug-in & theme integration. Teachr- a udemy clone script is where we’re unifying the entire features and functionalities. Yes! With the single script of Teachr, you may experience the working of our six other e-learning scripts. Also, we’re in process of adding latest learning management techniques to it.

And just in case if you’re wondering what the six other themes offer, this is what.

1. Graspr- a look of Coursera
2. Trainr- a look of Khan Academy
3. Tutor- a look of Lynda
4. Skillr- a look of Skillshare
5. Teamr- a look of Teamtreehouse
6. Learnr- a look of Udacity.

Final words

With the update in place, the developmental activities are in full swing and the release shall be expected very soon. Get in touch with us and know more about the corresponding product update.