The Influence of physical workspace on productivity, innovation and creativity in employees, is remarkable. Even well-established businesses such as Google, Pixar etc has recognized the need and effect of a collaborative workspace. The very recent relocation of Agriya implies a strategic move to enhance collectiveness, establish effective communication between employees and teams. The Hive- collaborative workspace will be the home for Agriya’s future endeavours and we long to bring more authenticity, inventiveness and creativity into the solutions we offer.

A New Collaborative Organizational Approach to Provoke Innovation and Creativity

The idea of workspace upgradation isn’t merely relocating the resources and amenities. It will have a comprehensive impact on the way teams and individuals work. In fact, the more you collaborate and share your ideas with others, the more is the possibility of innovation. Agriya has taken this decision with a clear intention to streamline their existing product development approach and all other aspects of the business. Anyhow, we have developed and deployed numerous mobile and web applications over these years. Moreover, we have provided technical assistance to clients from all around the globe. However, the relocation and upgrade of office space are to magnify the outcome of efforts and to add more imagination and creativity into our solutions and services.

Aside from providing technological solutions to others, Agriya also offers industry-focused products. Businesses can quickly employ those ready-made scripts and kick-start the business. With this new upgrade of workspace, we also have plans to expand our product and service range. And we expect to notice some visible improvements and innovations in our further projects as we took a leap into a new organizational culture. Whilst promoting solid and clear communication among teams, we also provide space for novel concepts and ideas which has the potential to create a change.

Anyway, Agriya has already confirmed the Hive- collaborative spaces as their new workspace and are preparing to rationalize their development, promotion and conversion strategies in accordance with modern-day advancements.

Bottom Line

Workspace upgrade and management have a significant role in employee productivity. In fact, it has a direct influence on product development and clearly every aspect of a business. A perfectly framed physical space can bring positivity and happiness, which will further reflect in everything happens within that space. By offering opportunities for employees to communicate and connect with each other, Agriya looks forward to a linear business growth in the near future.

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