Agriya enables dreams through design and development. For businesses looking to optimize their business growth, Agriya has been a trusted partner for providing quality solutions, knowledge, and guidance. Particularly through our custom web, app, and e-commerce development skills, as well as our web and UI/UX design, Agriya has consistently churned out exceptional service and extraordinary deliverables. We are excited to share that our efforts have been noted, as we were recently named among the top web developers in all of India.

This recognition comes from Clutch, the Washington, D.C. firm that specializes in research and reviews. Clutch scores companies’ market presence, experience, and client satisfaction to produce both an individual analysis and comparative ranking of firms within the same industry and country.

Agriya is honored to have our partnerships, professionalism, and project management highlighted by Clutch, and we appreciate both this press recognition and the positive feedback that our clients have shared on our Clutch profile.

“Agriya demonstrated honesty and professionalism from the start. The team works diligently on the complicated project despite multiple challenges. They maintain prompt and clear communication and excellent support,” one client praised. “Agriya has been really supportive. Not once have they come back with anything less than a completely professional experience … They completed the project, never giving up, even with multiple challenges and sometimes daunting tasks. Timelines did stretch a little although we knew we had a difficult project, we also contributed to some of the delays. Communication was always prompt and clear.”

“Agriya’s work is good quality and fast, and there are plans to continue the work to implement more functions in the future,” noted a second client. “They helped us make the changes and in debugging the applications, as well as testing and getting them to the right person. They improved the application and implemented functions that they had previously done … They performed very well. They were ready to talk with us at any time, without regard for the time difference. It was easy to talk to them. I am very satisfied with Agriya’s work. If we had any issues, they formed a team to solve that issue. They wouldn’t let it go and just send it to one person. We didn’t have to wait several weeks for a solution.”

The team here at Agriya is very grateful and proud that our mission and vision for our clients have been recognized not only by our previous clients and partners but also by external firms such as Clutch. We are also happy to announce that we have been highlighted as one of the Top 15+ Web Development Companies in India on Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest. Don’t hesitate to connect if you have questions about our projects, feedback about our approach, interest in collaborating in the future, or anything else that we can discuss with you. We look forward to exploring new opportunities to design and develop with you!