Online markets are flourishing every day and they are reaching to new heights of success. Many start-ups, individuals and companies want to enter the amazing world of online business.It is a promising industry where smart work pays the most. Agriya tends to understand the growing trend of online business.
In order to make online business easy, crisp and economical we have developed many scripts and now we are going to offer 12 best scripts for free of cost. These scripts are based on unique and potential concepts.We exclusively present this surprise to the entire web world. Let’s explore these attractive and revenue capturing scripts.

Couponator – A Flexible Coupon distributor script

Companies to distribute coupon codes to increase the sales and market their products. These coupon codes are posted on websites like Retailmenot. On seeing this growing demand Agriya developed Couponator, a free script which will assist to launch a coupon distributor website.

Mugshot – A Captivating photo capturing script

Many users want to click their photos; often they use various devices like digital camera. They are not able to focus themselves in various angles. To fill this gap, Agriya has developed Mugshot, a script which can develop a photo capturing and editing website in a few hours.

A Helping hand to Daily deal scripts

To accelerate the sales of a these Daily deal market, we have developed two cutting-edge scripts. These products help users to purchase the deals and sell their unused daily deals. These websites attract a lot of traffic and revenue. Let’s have a look at them.

Feedy – A Classy Deal Aggregator Script

A user will like to visit a website which can pull deals from various group buying websites and show them all the deals of the day. To meet these demands, Agriya has developed Feedy, a script which can help you to build a deal aggregator website in a short span of time.

Coupreseller – An Impressive Coupon Reseller Script

Many users purchase a coupon, but due to unavoidable circumstances they can’t avail them. They have to bear the loss of the price paid for these coupons. In order to sell these coupons again Agriya has developed a script known as Coupreseller.It has the capability to build a coupon reseller website with multidimensional features.

Brighten the Future of Users using Knowledge Sharing Scripts

Empower the world with amazing knowledge sharing scripts. This generation is filled with confidence and a positive attitude all they need is a guiding path to prosperity and success. So, build a knowledge sharing website and provide an amazing source of knowledge by using the following scripts.

Anova – A Cutting-edge Q&A Script

Asking a question and getting an answer for them is a commonly used technique to get knowledge. Various users get various varieties of information on Q&A websites. In order to assist the webmasters to seize the opportunity for developing a Q&A website, Agriya developed a Q&A script called as Anova.

Anova Pro – A multidimensional Q&A script

Many Q&A websites still follow the text answering feature. Agriya added an innovation to this concept by developing Anova Pro, a script which builds an audio, video and text answering Q&A website. So grab the opportunity and create an ultimate Q&A website and make money.

Markit – A Competitive social bookmarking script

Enter into the world of social bookmarking. These websites allow the users to bookmark any web documents. These documents are viewed by many people and hence they get knowledge about a topic. To develop a social bookmarking website, use Markit, a social bookmarking script developed by Agriya. It has all the necessary features for launching a social bookmarking website.

Discuzz – An engaging discussion script

Sharing thoughts increase our knowledge, with this thought in mind Agriya has taken all the efforts to boost knowledge and spread it to the world by creating a discussion, commenting and forum script. Use this script to develop a forum and a commenting website.

A good network can help businessmen to achieve great heights. Based on this theme, the concept of social networking is evolved. It has become an essential part of today’s business, so Agriya is offering you the following social networking scripts for free of cost.

Photoz – Creates an ambiance For Sharing Photos

These days one can earn money by sharing resources and knowledge. The current trend belongs to share various photographs, stock photos, pictures, etc. So keep up with the trend and develop a stunning photo sharing website in a few hours by using Agriya’s Photoz, an ultimate photo sharing script.

Channel- An ultimate Video sharing script

The concept of video sharing rules the online markets. Famous websites like YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo have adapted this concept. You can also create a gigantic video sharing website by using Agriya’s free video sharing script – Channel.

Volume – A Potential Audio Sharing script

How about using the concept of sharing audio files and creating a business out of it? This is what volume does. It is a script which allows users to upload their audio files and share them amongst various users. If the users want to download the song, they can pay for it and obtain the original copy of the song.

Tweetpic – An Outstanding Script for Sharing Photos on Twitter

Social media websites are known for creating a network, attract traffic to websites and a fantastic platform for promoting products. Twitter is one of the best social media websites in the world. But it doesn’t allow sharing photos directly. So Agriya develops a script which allowed users to share pictures on twitter. Develop a twitter photo sharing website within a few hours by using the free script –Tweetpic.

We provide the above mention scripts without any cost. If you wish to avail the support and installation facilities, you need to pay for them. Each of these scripts is a precious gem of the online industry. They save your time, money and resource in building a website from scratch.

These scripts have excellent admin controls which help you in managing, monitoring and maintaining the website efficiently. So if you are planning to develop a website and enter into online markets seize this opportunity and make the most of it.