“Accomplishment always paves a way to create yet another milestone to achieve new heights in the business.”

Agriya is very happy to compliment one of their most treasured clients and his organization-MyMoney IBOP, which has been featured in the SMART100 index released by Anthill Magazine for the year 2015. We are not at all surprised to see their success because they truly deserve many such esteemed awards.

We would like to be part of their triumph and also wish to convey our best wishes for their forthcoming accomplishments, as well. Here, we shall see what Agriya did for them, how we are mutually related, all about the award and our hearty congratulations.

How Agriya helped them?

Agriya maintains a strong relationship with all the clients and always meet their needs absolutely. We always make note of the complete requirements of our clients to build the website by using cutting-edge technologies and also with all needed features and tools. On the same lines, we developed a service based website for our client’s company ‘MyMoney IBOP’. It is now operating in Australia and has recently been ranked in the Smart100 index released by Anthill magazine.

MyMoney IBOP is the perfect platform to get all know about all key functionalities required to begin a business and operate it successfully. It offers the following functions such as handling new business and operational plans, financial projection, excellent analytical tools, outstanding pitch templates and many more aspects at an optimum cost.

What is the SMART100?

The Smart100 index rankings are published by the Anthill magazine every year to identify the top 100 innovators of Australia. This index ranks the new innovations in Australia, based on the most prominent criterion like crowd sourcing, common-sense and collaboration.

They mainly concentrate on bringing exposure to the innovative products and services that are prevailing in Australia every year. This acts as the helping hand for the winners of SMART 100 index to get more visibility among the target audience and to run the business more efficiently.

Selection criteria of this award

Organizations can submit their applications by filling certain significant questions given by the Anthill Magazine.

With the help of the Mavens, the trusted experts in the specific field will analyze the submitted applications, and finally, the SMART100 innovative products in Australia are determined.

After going through the tough competition, our valued clients’ company-MyMoney IBOP made a place for itself in the top 100 list. We are happy that they have won this prestigious award only because of their hard work.

Our Hearty Congratulations

Dedication and hard work are the solid proof for attaining this prestigious status for their company “MyMoney IBOP”. Excellence in the work and commitment in responding to their end users are the instruments of their success. Agriya is honored that we are also one of the reasons for their success.

Well done! Continue doing many more great jobs and taste success with as many special accomplishments as possible in the coming future.