Matching your expectation and delivering beyond imagination is a tradition we follow at Agriya. We continued this tradition by upgrading our vacation rental software with new and charming landing page designs. We teamed it up with excellent and result-yielding modules. This upgrade has transformed Burrow to be the next generation vacation rental software. Let’s explore the world of Burrow and its new changes.

Burrow – The next generation of vacational rental system

Burrow – one of the best airbnb clone script,  the next generation of hotel rentals and plug-in friendly vacation rental software, which assists webmasters to create a vacation rental booking website like airbnb, HomeAway, Roomorama, etc. Let’s check out what’s special about Agriya’s new version of Burrow.

Responsive web 3.0 designs for an exclusive audience

Airbnb Clone-Responsive Design

Agriya reinvents the design of Burrow into a responsive and fast loading web3.0 design. It is designed in bootstrap framework and PJAX technology. This empowers the website to have crystal clear designs with fast loading time.A webmaster can opt different plug-ins and change the entire look of the website.We have also provided pre-launch and private beta web designs, to help them to gather vital information during these two phases.

 Additional revenue models

Airbnb Clone-Revenue OptionAgriya has embedded an ad banner mechanism and advertisement captcha in its vacation rental software. This helps the entrepreneurs to take advantage of affiliate and advertisements. He also earns money, when user enters captcha in various areas of the website.

Extraordinary module for boost the website loading speed

High PerformanceWe have developed a module which boosts the website loading speed with the help of 8 high-end technologies like Cloud flare, Google page Speed, PullCDN, E-mail Delivery, Redis, Mem cache, Full page cache and AmazonS3.

An exclusive module to widen the reach in social media websites

Airbnb Clone-Social MarketingThis exclusive module will help the website to gain web reputation and spread their reach in social media website. It will help the users to share content and invite friends from social media websites.

 Insights: A marvelous module for reviewing the website stats

Airbnb Clone-InsightsThis marvelous module will provide webmasters a comfortable experience to view all the important web stats in a glance. They can have keen look at the data and improvise their website accordingly.

 Bring Google analytics in the admin panel

Google AnalyticsNow webmasters can bring Google analytics in their admin panel by using this module. It will empower the webmaster too see the live details of the website. It will also help them to discover the stages of property posting and booking status.

Request Properties: Post your requirements and get property suggestions

Property RequestAgriya has developed an exceptional and unique module which is not present in any of the vacation rental booking websites. With the help of this feature, guest can find a property for a location just by filling a form. Once they submit the form, our vacation rental software will intelligently map the requirements and send mail to the host. Then guest and the host can communicate and strike a deal on the website.

 Integrated the Affiliate module

AffiliatesThis productive module assists a webmasters to host a memorable and inviting advertisement on multiple websites and pay only for the converting leads.

 Currency converter – An exclusive feature to comfort the users

Currency ConvertorThe new version of Burrow – best vacation rental software is embedded with a multi-dimensional feature. This feature comforts the users by changing the property rental value to currency they desire. Currency converter will not only help the users, but also help the webmaster to provide an additional functionality in their rental booking website.