Staying closer to the valuable user feedback, Agriya has shifted the conventional blog to a modern WordPress web platform from 9th May 2016 onward. Our blogs have been providing users with beneficial information regarding website designing and development, clone-script creation, mobile apps development, open source customization, digital marketing services, and up to date technological news. Our experts have put all their creativity and practical knowledge to enable superior enhancements in the new platform to make it lively, reliable, and update. Our new blog is fashioned in an optimal way to grab the attention of users in an instant.

Why have we shifted our blogs to a new platform?

Users have started utilizing smart technologies with the assistance of mobile phones to read blogs and articles these days. Our blogs were conventional ones and users find it hard to access that through latest smartphones. Thus, we started losing the core readers. Finally, we initiated to frame a new blog web space which is responsive, user-friendly, and up-to-date in all technical and functional aspects.

What excitements are included in our new blog platform?

The entire look and feel of our traditional blog platform get completely altered with the launch of the new blog. It is responsive and mobile compatible to add the convenience of every user. Every blog included in this platform is superbly optimized to perform faster. Total look&feel, navigation, and user-friendliness are magnified to the finest. Users can discover comprehensive category listing, relative space for discussion/comments, and social media integration in Agriya’s improved blog platform. Our experts have utilized most modern front-end, back-end, and relational database technologies to include a handful of excitements to this progressive platform.

Why should you subscribe?

In addition to the above-mentioned facets, Agriya blog happens to a web space in which we notify users about our latest product launches, version updates, discounts on products, seasonal price slashes, office-events, trending news about the website and mobile application development. Every reader can seek out diverse technology related information from Agriya blogs. Users can post their valuable comments about our new blog platform, and they will obviously find subscribing it as worthy.