Transforming technologies into benefits is in the DNA of Agriya. We always fuse new technologies in our products and take them to a whole new level. We repeated the same with the best Thumbtack clone script “Marketplace-Quote”. We have upgraded this script from V1.0b3 to V1.0b4. Explore the major changes of this upgrade.

Connect Multiple payment Channels within 3 clicks

The new version of “Marketplace-Quote” empowers your website with a fantastic feature. By using this feature, the users of your website can pay using multiple channels. All they need to do is, connect their profiles to the payment gateway, fill the form and submit it. They can connect to multiple payment channels and disconnect them according to their wish.

Users can smartly use this feature and manage the transactions from a particular payment channel. This feature will provide your website a competitive-edge over other websites.

Test your website’s payment options in Sandbox mode

Before your website is live in the online world, you can check all the payment mechanism of the website using its new sandbox mode. The best part of this mode is that, you don’t have to pay any kind of transaction fees while you are testing the website. You can use this to the maximum and inspect all the types of payment mechanisms in your website. Once you are satisfied, then you can move to the live mode of the payment channels.

Fixed all the issues reported by clients and QA Team

Agriya eagerly observed all the client reported issues and took an intense care to solve each one of them. We proactively solved issues reported by our QA team as well. We have optimized the script in such a way that it provides better performance and advance features. Upgrade to the new version of the script right away.