When we launched our Airbnb clone script, Burrow, back in the summer of 2011 we didn’t realize just how much of a demand there was for a platform which connects people for the exchange of services or expertise. The feedback started pouring in via our support desk and more recently via our bug tracker and while we have eliminated any major bugs one lingering concern amongst customers was that the admin area could be improved.

We’re pleased to announce that for our 10th release of Burrow we have completely overhauled the admin area to give a cleaner, more friendly and intuitive backend. You’ll find the new admin area to be completely unrecognizable to the previous versions and the time and effort we have put in to crafting it is thanks to our ongoing efforts to ensure that every part of our products exceeds expectations.

The new admin area is a lot cleaner as you can see in the screenshot below. The emphasis is giving you a brief snapshot of the important information that you need while making the option to dig deeper in to the data much easier and simpler.

Humans love to visualize data because it gives some kind of meaning and representation to what is going on. You might have had 15 orders yesterday and 18 the day before and 14 today but it’s only when this information is plotted on a graph do these numbers start to have some meaning. The Burrow admin area now comes jam packed with graphs and charts to give you a visual representation of what’s going on in your business.

Previously we had all our admin menu options listed down the left hand side of the screen which became a bit too cumbersome as more management pages were added and sometimes it felt like you had to endlessly scroll to find the menu option you wanted. This has all changed in the new Burrow script where all the menu options have been grouped together under eight logical headings. When you roll over a heading it expands out to reveal the advanced management options that are available to you related to that heading.

With each property that’s listed on your Burrow website there is an enormous amount of data that is generated, most of which you don’t actually need to know unless you are administrating a particular property. Now when you load the list of properties you get the information that is most important to you in a quick snapshot but more indepth data is just a click away and the listing will expand out to reveal inside information about the property you have selected.

User management is another area which generates huge amounts of data, most of which isn’t needed on a day to day basis so once again the developers have constructed the member management page in such a way so that you get all the important information you need at a glance like how much money you have made out of them while keeping more detailed information hidden away but can be revealed at a click of a button.

There have also been a number of under the hood changes which you won’t see but will definitely feel. Innovations such as cutting edge caching, use of css sprite images and SASS all serve to speed up the loading and rendering of your Burrow website. Another new feature that has been added recently includes the ability to pay your hosts offline instead of via PayPal as we found many businesses are setting up a website to serve a market that doesn’t have easy access to web based payment solutions and prefer offline methods like cash and cheques. This is now fully supported in the latest version of Burrow.

If you haven’t checked out Burrow for yourself headover to our Airbnb clone script page which explains more about what it does and request an unrestricted demo so you can see for yourself how powerful this software is.