Creativity and inspiration are the driving forces for innovation that automatically unlocks path to the fresh solution and grand success. Be that way, Agriya is going to drive its six excellent products, namely like PartyPlanet, PrivateShop, SFPlatform, Exposure, ACE Online and ACE Offline to their exclusive archive section in order to deliver many new innovative web solutions to the target audience.

Agriya’s Mission is to provide ready-made solutions with regard to wave of the future in the online world. So, they decided to shift these products to the archive by considering various business feasibility of the current and future scenario in the mind. Let’s take a tour on the snapshot of those archived products right away.

  • PartyPlanet is an absolute solution for launching an excellent event management website in a short run.
  • PrivateShop facilitate the entrepreneurs to run their own ecommerce site for all kinds of luxury products effectively.
  • SFPlatform is exclusively designed and developed for kick starting a user-friendly crowdfunding website within just 48 hours.
  • Exposure is especially created for bringing emergence of a new classified marketplace for showcasing the web designer works to the global clients with ease.
  • ACE Online is the appropriate script to build a crucial online education site to share knowledge through videos and documents.
  • ACE Offline provides an easy method to start up a knowledge sharing and event management website within a short period of time.

The desires for these products have reached its peak and so there is no more need for enhancement. By envisioning the future needs in the international market, we have also started to spot a light on the many new business models and expands the horizon of our ready-made products to the online world.

Where to avail these products for your future need?

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