Since the needs of freelancing work are high, the revenue of various reputed freelancing websites is also increasing every day. Many entrepreneurs recognized this progression and are looking to launch their own freelance job portal which meets various demands of freelance marketplace. Likewise, freelance workers are bidding on several outsourcing projects according to their skill and experience to gain more income. This is why Agriya has launched an impressive and powerful freelance marketplace script named “Agriya’s behance clone”. This script has been developed from advanced technology, thus it helps the business owners to gain immense success and huge revenue from global market. This blog is all about “Agriya’s Behance Clone” and how it helps the entrepreneurs to earn high profit.

Functions of Behance Clone

Knowing the clients’ every requirement, we at Agriya, provide customized and modernized freelance marketplace script with enhanced functionalities to meet the demands for freelancing jobs. We pay keen attention towards the details laid out by the business owners and come up with a script which will effectively create a portfolio based freelancing website in a timely manner.

This script greatly helps the freelancers to upload their job portfolio list with different pictures in a single shot. It is designed in such a way that it provides a definite revenue making options. Similarly, it helps the freelancers to gain extra money by completing the work assigned by project owners.

How it helps business owners to gain revenue?

Membership fee – Enables you to earn membership fee, when a user registering on your portfolio freelancing site.
Ad-Captcha – The user has to type the Captcha word whenever they are entering your website. This is another revenue option that helps you to gain profit when users enter the Captcha word.
Ad-banner – You can earn a certain amount of money when any third-party organizations wants to list their company advertisements in your website.

Dynamic Features of Behance Clone

Flash Uploader

This feature not only ensures high performance, but also freelancers’ portfolios can be generated with less effort. It also allows the freelancer to upload photos, descriptions, promptly. Further, it reduces the loading time and enables the quick view any portfolio.

Multiple portfolio submission

This is an advanced feature assist the freelancer to showcase their skills to the project owners who are looking to hire employees with good skills. With the help of this feature, freelancers can upload the sample works such as web designs, write ups, etc. The freelancer will get feedback comments, descriptions, etc on their portfolio.

You have many other powerful features of this script that helps to attain success and earn high profit easily. This is an amazing script helps the business owners, freelances as well as employers to gain huge success and revenue at ease.