These days, mobile savvy generations are expecting to get things done within a few touches in their iPhones. Indeed, entrepreneurs and businessmen like you have to gratify the users need to scale the heights in your business with ease. The impact of this positive transformation also had effects in the vacation rental business as well.

Along these lines, are you trying hard to meet the needs of your users to run a vacation rental business successfully? Then, we put off all your efforts by helping to turn your vacation rental business into a highly-adaptable mobile web application.

Agriya is pleased to introduce the most looked-for native iPhone application of our airbnb clone script-Burrow. This application creates the mobile version of your own exceptional vacation rental business within a matter of moments.

What’s special about this application?

Out of the ordinary, the newly created iPhone application script helps to run the vacation rental business according to your convenience with less effort. You can effectively manage your users and their activities at any time you want.

The enriched features are specially created in this app for the travelers for booking their dream rooms and hotels in the foreign land with ease. The improved functionality of this application is very helpful for the property owners to manage their listings diligently.

Beneficial aspects of this application

Here are some inbuilt tools of this application for the benefits of you and your users both travelers and property owners. HockeyKit is a helpful tool for you to test the application even before it is launched. The analytics kit is mainly used to identify the area of improvements and advancement to be made in the application. iRate is another such supportive tool to get feedback and reviews about the application from your users, which helps to cater better user experience even before. The crashlytics is used for finding issues and also analyzing the app performance in real-time.

It also gives excellent travel experience to the world travelers with your handy application and also helps the property owners to maximize the efficiency of their renting business. It’s no secret that now your business will grow by leaps and bounds by gratifying all your users’ need of booking and sharing the properties for accommodation with ease.

To conclude

Agriya all the time gives its best shots in hitting the spots with the newly created ready-made scripts and mobile applications. Yet again we bring forth a groundbreaking native iPhone application for our highly flexible and distinctive Airbnb clone script- Burrow. Achieve the great experience of comfort by opting this application right away.