Just over a year ago Agriya launched FP Platform and almost immediately it won critical acclaim as the best Fiverr clone on the market and it wasn’t long before all the top fixed price job sites on the Internet started using the software like Zeerk, MyntMarket, UpHype and Gigbucks.

FP Platform Ultra Plus LogoWhile we have been continually improving and refining the original FP Platform we have also been hard at work on a brand new version which the developers have called FP Platform Ultra Plus – just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! The new version brings a whole host of fantastic new features, many of which you can’t find on any other script or website.

Offline Jobs

Fiverr and other job portals have always focused on jobs which can be completed online or remotely. But such a platform can also be used for a variety of real world jobs like dog walking, gardening, car washing and more. FP Platform Ultra Plus introduces a new geo-location feature which allows buyers to see all the sellers offering real world services in their local area.

FP Platform Ultra Plus Offline Job Search

Your users can now search for gigs in their local area

The buyer can use a Google map to search and navigate to their exact location and then find all the sellers offering real world services in their local area. Red pins denote sellers offering services in a particular area and green pins are buyers looking for services in a certain area. As the user zooms in the list of sellers automatically refreshes to only show the ones featured in the viewable map area. So if you zoom in on New York the list of sellers are all from New York.

Dispute Resolution Center

FP Platform Ultra Plus comes with a full escrow and dispute center to allow buyers and sellers to settle any disputes with you acting as an independent 3rd party. This is particularly useful for the new offline jobs mentioned above. The flow chart below tries to explain how the sales process can now function[1].

FP Platform Ultra Plus Work Flow

Click the image above to see a bigger version of this diagram

Although it looks quite complex to look at it’s rather simple if the buyer is happy with the services provided. However, in the case of a dispute, there are many variables that have to be taken in to account which covers everything from service not as described to the buyer giving a poor feedback after the job is completed.

However, as complicated as this flow diagram looks, it’s remarkably simple to manage from the admin area. Simply review the disputes between buyers and sellers and if necessary at the click of a button you can cancel the project and refund the buyer or side with the seller and release the money to them[1].

Request Improvement and Redeliver

To try and minimize the number of jobs that go to the resolution center, the FP Platform Ultra Plus incorporates an automatic “Request Improvement” feature where the buyer can tell the seller they are not happy with the service provided and they want the work to be redone or improved before they send the payment.

If the seller agrees then they can redeliver the service and if acceptable the seller can release the payment[1]. This process can be escalated to the admin at any time if necessary.

Mutual Cancel

Unforeseen circumstances can happen to anyone and if a seller has promised to deliver something but something happens after the buyer has initiated the payment which means the services can no longer be delivered then they can use the Mutual Cancel feature which will cancel the job and the money will automatically be returned to the buyer.

Similarly the buyer can cancel a job before it has been started to get a refund of the money they have paid. This automatic cancellation means the admin doesn’t have to get involved between the buyer and seller[1].

Affiliate Program

A brand new feature that has been requested by hundreds of our customers is the integration of an Affiliate Program so that users can promote the site. We’re very pleased to announce that an advanced affiliate program now comes as standard across the full range of FP Platform versions.

Your members can apply to become an affiliate and in return for them sending buyers to your site you pay the affiliate a small commission from each sale. You can either pay a percentage of the gig value or a fixed price for all gigs, the choice is up to you!

Adding an affiliate program means that you are leveraging the power of the crowd to promote your site for you. Instead of spending money on advertising your members spend their money and you only have to pay them when they make a sale – it’s the perfect marketing solution.

FP Platform Affiliate Program

The FP Platform Products Now Have Affiliate Programs Built In

New Layouts and Improved Usability

With all the new features that are packed in to FP Platform Ultra Plus we have taken the time to add a new layout and paid attention to various small usability details.

FP Platform Ultra Plus Home Page

A new layout for the home page incorporates Google Maps to find local gigs

Redesigned Gig Listing Page

The gig listing page has been revamped to include a lot of new features

Usable menu options in FP Platform Ultra Plus

Frequently used options are now at your finger tips with the redesigned menus

There is nothing like FP Platform Ultra Plus on the market today and combining local offline jobs in to the fixed price jobs concept is a revolutionary new feature which is sure to inspire dozens of copy cats – but will you be the first to have this new feature on your site?

What about FP Platform?

This new version, FP Platform Ultra Plus, does not replace our existing FP Platform software which is full Fiverr clone. If you don’t require all the features mentioned above then you can choose our FP Platform software.

Demo and Pricing

You can check out the demo of FP Platform Ultra Plus using the link below. We encourage you to go through and test each feature before making a purchase to satisfy yourself that this is the right product for you.

URL: http://fpplatformultraplus.dev.agriya.com
ID: admin
PASS: agriya

FP Platform Ultra Plus costs $1,800 and can be purchased from the Agriya customers area. However, before making a purchase we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Important: Please note that in order to use these advanced payment features you require a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account and must submit an application to PayPal Apps for them to approve your App. Agriya provides full documentation on how to submit your application however please note that we have no control over your application for a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account and this service may not be available in some countries. You are advised to contact PayPal regarding upgrading your PayPal account to PayPal Premier or PayPal Business before purchasing FP Platform Ultra Plus.