OK, the owners of Agriya must be crazy. Or insane. Or it could be mid-summer madness. Maybe something in the water?

It must be something, because when the order came down to me to cut the cost of Rayzz and Kootali, I had to pick up the phone and get verbal confirmation that they hadn’t lost their mind. Even when they confirmed it, I still didn’t believe it.

Anyways, their madnesss must be your gain, because the order that came to me was:

Peter, cut the price of Rayzz and Kootali to $249.99

You what? See what I mean? That’s why I had to find out if they were being serious or if it was all some big joke.

Well, I can tell you that it’s not. But there were some conditions attached to these orders.

Peter, this sale must end 31st August. No if’s, no but’s, and no exceptions

So what else could I do? The prices have been revised to these rediculously low prices, but only for a short period of time.

Find out more about Rayzz

Click here to buy Rayzz now for $249.99

Find out more about Kootali

Click here to buy Kootali now for $249.99

Remember, the prices only last until the end of August!