Ah bugs. There’s an old programmer saying (cira 1944 when people first started programming machines) that goes “If you build it, it will have bugs”. No one likes bugs in the system, least of all you guys, our customers. Our own developers don’t like bugs either because they get shouted at by the support staff who have to fix any bugs and by the sales team who have to handle the customers bug complaints.

We do have a testing team who’s job it is to find bugs and script problems before the software goes live and sometimes the atmosphere between the programmers and testers can get a little bit icey, like the graphic below demonstrates!

the war between developers and testers

Agriya are constantly reviewing our support processes and product iterations and a few months back we decided to take some inspiration from the open source community and open up our bug tracking to the community and give our customers a centralized point where they can report any bugs or defects with our products.

By crowdsourcing our bug hunting in this way we hope to have a more efficient system where we can locate, reproduce and ultimately fix any bug our products may contain. Crowdsourcing provides the best way to hunt for bugs because although our testing team can identify the major problems and we can release software without any known bugs it’s only when it gets in to the hands of the people that we find all those tiny little bugs. Agriya can never reproduce every scenario which is why it makes sense to have our users or people reviewing our product help us out to produce rock solid and secure products.

For any of the geeks out there reading this, Agriya has adapted the open source Mantis bug tracking software (we’ve been using Mantis internally since Day 1 and absolutely love it!) and given it a very polished interface to make it super simple for anyone to report a bug or suggest a feature upgrade.

If you are a customer of Agriya then you will be able to see all the bugs that have been tracked along with the features that have been requested. You will be able to see the kind of bug, a description of the bug and the status of the bug report. This should give you much more transparency in to the development processes we use here in Agriya and we are very hopeful that it will lead to even better products in the future.

list of feature requests for buysell

We also should point out that the bug tracker is not a support desk, it doesn’t facilitate two way conversation between the customer and developer so if you need regular customer support please continue to post your issues in the support desk.

Before you submit any bugs we would like you to take a moment to read our “How to submit a bug” article which hopefully gives a bit more insight in to what you should submit and how you should submit it. When you are ready to submit a report (you don’t have to be a customer!) simply navigate to the correct product in customers.agriya.com and in the sub-menu area you’ll see the option to submit a bug.

submitting an issue is very easy

As you can probably see, Agriya are consolidating a lot of departments under our customers.agriya.com website, we successfully migrated the customer support desk to be more integrated, we’ve introduced the Ideas concept from FundProjectsWith.me and now we’ve added a bug tracker. We’ve still got plenty more exciting features to add such as a new customer support forum based on our Discuzz software and one or two secret updates that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love!

If you’ve got any thoughts on how we can make the customers area serve you better give us a buzz or submit a comment using the form below.