Coupons, discounts, vouchers, social. It’s the new buzz words in the world of e-Commerce as people look to save money on their online purchases and businesses look to get more exposure by listing coupons every where.

More than ever, people are using the Internet to search for coupons to get discounts – Google estimates that in the last month over 25 million people searched just for the word coupons, that doesn’t include all the variations like printable coupons, grocery coupons and restaurant coupons.

Couponator is the solution to get a cut of all this traffic because it has a focus on coupons for individual stores and is highly optimized for the search engines, allowing you to get great rankings in the search engines for a variety of long tail coupon related keywords.



The RetailMeNot Clone Is A Coupon Directory


This highly capable RetailMeNot clone is based on online stores and coupons for those online stores. You can create a page of coupons for every e-Commerce store in the world and it will have a brief description about the company. For example you could create a page for and the page will automatically be optimized for people searching for Amazon coupons. The coupons for Amazon can be added by you or by your users, which helps to grow your site organically and ensure you don’t have to run around like a madman trying to source coupons for thousands of websites.

You don’t need to worry too much if the coupons are valid either, your users help you out there too. In a classic case of crowd sourcing, the user can indicate whether or not a coupon is valid and if too many people say it’s not working then the script will automatically hide the coupon for you.



Each Store Can Have a Unique Page


The Couponator software has been designed to be a cash generating machine. The people coming to your site are people on the verge of making a purchase, they are highly qualified leads. Couponator takes advantage of this by incorporating affiliate links in to the coupon codes listed on your site.

Most e-Commerce sites ask you to enter a long string of characters like NEWOASYS20 so it’s easier for the user to copy and paste the coupon. But Couponator prevents this by using javascript and Flash. The moment the user tries to select the coupon code the script copies the code to their clipboard, opens a new tab and takes the user to the e-Commerce store. The link is actually your affiliate link, but the user never sees this, so they buy their product using the coupon code, you will earn the affiliate commission.

Couponator is tightly integrated with Commission Junction and Linkshare to increase your affiliate earnings even further. By using the API provided by both networks, when you sign up as an affiliate to one of their merchants it will automatically create the corresponding merchant page on your site. Then, when you and other people start adding coupons, your affiliate link is automatically integrated.



Earn Affiliate Commissions With Couponator


This brand new software is ready to be demoed and checked out right now. To get more details, visit the Couponator script page and fill out the form at the bottom of the table, or, leave a comment below and we’ll shoot you an email using the address you provide in the form (don’t put your email in the comment!).

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