A few weeks back Agriya launched a new product which works like a Yipit clone and we think it struck a chord with many online entrepreneurs who wanted to cash in on the Groupon and group buying craze but didn’t want to spend time sourcing new deals or didn’t have enough contacts to make it work.

The deal aggregator changed all that by being able to pull all the deals from various sites like Groupon and LivingSocial so that anyone can create their own group buying, daily deals site with very little effort.

The way the script works is to take the RSS feed from the deal sites and import the data on to your site – it works like an absolute charm as all our customers can testify. However there is one tinsy winsy little problem: not all group buying sites have an RSS feed of their daily deals.

We got a lot of requests from customers to include XYZ sites because they didn’t have RSS feeds to do it automatically, so the boffins at Agriya put their heads together and came up with a way to get the daily deals from ANY website and feed them AUTOMATICALLY in to your deal aggregator website.

We’re calling it: Deal Feeder

(We’re boffins when it comes to programming, not coming up with original product names!)

The way it works is you choose which sites you want to include deals from, we give you a license code which you enter in to your admin area and automagically the deals will start appearing on your site.

Currently the Deal Feeder service supports these sites:

  • Cuponing.com
  • Elgrupazo.com
  • LetsBonus.com
  • MyDala.com
  • Ofertadia.com.br
  • Ofertaunica.com.br
  • Scoopon.com.au
  • Spreet.com.au
  • Superoff.com.br
  • Vcvai.com
  • 17life.com
  • 17shopping.tw
  • Amitad.com
  • deals.skroutz.gr
  • Elapare.gr
  • enjoin.com.tw
  • goldendeals.gr
  • Groupon.gr
  • LiveMyCity.gr
  • Tsoonami.gr
  • woow.com.uy

We are in the process of adding a load more sites to our deal feeder service so if you have any suggestions on sites you’d like to see please let us know in the comments here.

To plugin each feed costs $22 one time fee and then an annual recurring fee of $12 – but of course if you want to plugin multiple sites we can negotiate a super feeder deal for you :)

How To Buy

If you are an existing client please get in touch with your CRM (the person you were dealing with when you originally bought our software) by email or instant messenger and they will provide you with all the details needed to purchase and set it up.

If you would like to get in on this autopilot money machine action, please leave a comment on this blog and we’ll get in touch with you or if you want a quicker response go to the deal aggregator software page and fill out the form or use the Live Chat button.

We’d love to hear what you think about this new service!