Looking back helps to move forwards very quickly. Agriya has always practiced this statement while completing every project. Our client also support us to summon up the things done in the project through their valuable feedback. We always feel blissful to get any kinds of feedback from our client which aid us to improve our performance easily. Here is the valuable review from Jonathan Carroll, who is one of our US client.

Feedback from the client

Agriya is delighted to view the feedback from our treasured client- Jonathan Carroll. They lately purchased our Crowdfunding Donate product and very much happy about our services provided to them.

They are satisfied with the advanced technology, customization, timely completion and convenient payment option which are all facilitated in our donation script. They appreciate the timely work done by us to them.

We happen to see their trust about us in their energetic speech and also in each and every word said in the video. Have a look at the video testimonial availed by them to appreciate our work.

Now, let’s see our working experience with one of our cherished client-Jonathan Carroll right away.

What did we do for them?

Jonathan Carroll and their team approach us to customize their website-adoption by adding various modules with the help of our excellent professionals. We stand by them and give our hands to assist them to establish a full-fledged website in a short period of time. We facilitate them by adding two modules required for their existing website.

First, we incorporated our extraordinary donation script to construct a user-friendly fundraising module to their website. We developed this module with the needed customization to meet their needs impeccably.

  • We connect this module to their main website in a streamlined manner.
  • Included PayPal MassPay API as a distinctive payout option for this module
  • Powered the module with highly adaptable web designs
  • Appended this module with Restful API’s for exporting popular projects

They also need one question and answer module for their website which works exactly like SIM Answers. It is completely a third party product that is specially made as a Q&A solution for Joomla.

We developed their Answers module comprehensively with the following customization.

  • Single sign-on procedure for accessing the website
  • Incorporated chic designs and DFP as codes for the website
  • Smoothly integrate this page header and footer to their parent site

Our development team has dynamically designed and developed two more contact pages for their website. Navigator page is developed for helping people who love to be an adoption navigator and to easily get in touch with the experts for gaining exceptional adoption coaching effectively.

Detective page is also a contact page, which we developed in a user-friendly manner that assists their website users to get information about their birth parents easily. This page is created in such a way that users can view all terms and conditions instantly to find their parents and give the request for consultation with ease.

Our sincere thanks to them

Expressing a true opinion about the work done helps to create a better understanding and strengthen the relationship between both the parties. Based on this valuable statement, we are very much glad to receive such a precious and priceless feedback about our works from Jonathan Carroll. It’s our time to be our honest and heartfelt to thank Jonathan Carroll and their team.

We are immensely happy to work with their team for creating such an eminent donation based Crowdfunding website for helping others to raise funds for adoption based charity activities. We are grateful for your patience and kindness to appreciate our work in-between your busy schedule and works.