It is a general fact that the fittest will survive. Updates or improvements are the ways that enable an operating system to withstand the competition or the test of time. Android, the beloved of Google is an instance to the point. From its launch itself, it has been improving or provides users a better experience through exceptional upgrades. Sticking to the tradition, android is yet to make another major update from Lollipop 5.1 to Marshmallow 6.0.

Android app developers as well as users who utilize lollipop are expected to get the modified version by the end of 2015, or in the first quarter of 2016. The preview of the newly improved operating system has already been made available to some of the nexus devices. Most popular additions that are expected in marshmallow are detailed below.

App drawer

App Drawer is not entirely a new provision, but it has been made more attractive in marshmallow. It comes with an added search bar enabling users to find applications they need very easily. All applications installed in marshmallow will be displayed on a page. Hence clients can easily trace out the applications they need by just scrolling down.

“Doze” to save battery

Long Life of batteries is the prime concern of smart phone makers these days. Similar to the customized versions, Google has decided to add “Doze” to boost the battery life. It will automatically kill the working of inactive applications and will save the life of batteries. No need to install third party applications to save battery while using marshmallow.

Improved app permissions

Normally permissions will asked by the operating systems at the time of installation, but in Android M permissions are far better improved. When you start using a new feature in an application for the first time, the permissions will be asked. It gives users better control over the applications.

Rotating home screen

Another useful feature added to Android M is the rotating home screen. Rotating screens offer users a better view while watching videos, as well as taking images. For the first time, Android adds the feature of rotating home screen to give the user a superior experience.

One tap functions and google now

While using social media applications such as whatsapp, user can resort to Google Now, it is just a tap away. Users will receive valuable advises and information they check for. Thus users can make use of advanced or best features available to them in an instant.

A RAM manager to limit application use

Consumption of more ram included in the device will cause the performance of a device, overheating as well as battery consumption. Android M will be launched with a RAM manager which limits the working of inactive applications, and background images in a fine tone to help your device perform well.

A flawless fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor supported by iOS8 was an eye opener for many devices, when it comes to matters of security. Then how can android stand back in the affair? Security is the primary concern of android as well. Marshmallow will come up with a flawless fingerprint sensor to compete with Apple devices.

An improved status bar

Lollipop does not have any options to manage the status bar easily. Many of the icons displayed in the status bar will be active all the time, but marshmallow has options to remove unwanted or inactive icons from the status bar as wished by the users.

Easy configuration of network settings

In marshmallow users will get provisions to control network settings of Wi-Fi, Internet data, and Bluetooth as they wish. Users can even relieve all these settings from the main display with the help of reset functions, and restore all that any time as they desire to use these functions.