On 23rd August 2016, Google rolled out its new operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat to all Nexus devices after considering the feedback from millions of users and developers who are involved in Android application development over years. Google claims this release as the “sweetest yet” and it contains more than 250 major modifications. Google has adopted a clear-cut and varied strategy for the creation of Android Nougat by allowing the novice developers to bring their applications easily to the new operating system. Nougat is not a completely different platform when compared to the ongoing Marshmallow, but it has some useful as well as user-friendly features including rapid multitasking ability, improved notification, and elevated performance to keep the users thrilled. What users are going to receive a new in Nougat? Let us analyze.

High Productivity/ Multitasking

Android users will get the much-awaited multi-window/ split-screen support. Some of the Samsung devices running on Marshmallow already have the split-screen support which enables multi-tasking. But a majority of applications lack this support. Running two applications side by side, resizing of windows can be easily done in the Android 7.0 Nougat. Options like direct reply and quick switch are also made accessible. All these features have been made standard in Android Nougat.

While using an application, users can long press the multitasking button and get the app moved to the top of the screen. A split screen will appear with the current application running on the top and all other applications that can be accessed at the bottom. From that customers can choose the applications they wish to use. They can also move to the home button from the bottom and select the desired apps. It is a super simple and more productive Android now. Users will also get a button to clear the multitasking view easily as well. Still, all the applications do not support this feature, we can expect fine improvements in the months to come.

Enriched Notifications

The notifications users get in Android 7.0 will be more interactive, informative and richer. The notifications will be placed on the top of one another and users can bundle as many notifications pushed by the same application in one card and manage it from there itself without opening the application in a different tab. Users will get options for silent notifications and better controls. Notification settings in Nougat are exceptional and purposeful.  It will offer a tough competition to iOS10, and the tug of war between Android N vs iOS 10 is going to be closely tight.

Improved Setting Controls

The new Android offers users more personalized controls to manage settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, and locale settings as well. The emoji list of android is extended to more than 1500 in number to suit the various moods of users. The search engine will also the backing of more localized languages as well.


Keeping the private data of users secure has given high priority in Nougat. Background software update is an essential feature supported by Nougat. Users do not have to wait for a long time to get the system reboots. All the updates will work rapidly in the background and things will run much faster. File based encryption offers for safety to personalized user files and direct boot ensures faster as well as secure reboots.

Other Improvements

Doze was introduced in Marshmallow to save the life of batteries, and this feature gets some more improvements in the Android N. The support for Vulkan has also been added to provide superior 3D visual reality for gaming purpose and speed. Google has plans to extend visual reality to another level by means of “Daydream” and Vulkan support is just a beginning. Users can expect greater alterations in the coming years.


Android 7.0 Nougat is rich in features and superb in many aspects, but the initial release is made accessible to nexus devices only. Other flagship devices will be getting it much later, and more importantly the actual time is not confirmed. A minority of users can experience Nougat now, and others will have to wait for some months more.