Ever since it was launched, GroupDeal supported a mobile version of the website. Simply point your mobile to m.yourdomain.com and GroupDeal detected the mobile device being used and served up a mobile optimized version of the website. That’s worked great for many of our customers and we’ve received some good feedback on it but we always wanted to go one step further and create native apps that are built specifically for the iPhone and Android devices.

We’re pleased to announce that you can now buy the iPhone and Android GroupDeal apps from our customers area and then let your members download and install it for your site. Each app requires a little bit of customization to make it unique to your site but don’t worry we’ve got full documentation on how to do this along with step by step screenshots.

Once you app is configured, you can let people download it, either directly from your website or from the official app stores (subject to it being approved, of course!), then they can check out the deals you’ve got on offer and purchase deals in a layout that is far better optimized for the individual mobile devices.

Just check out the screenshots below, on the left you’ve got the iPhone screenshot and on the right is the corresponding Android screenshot.

Deal Detail

The deal details page for the iPhone and Android Apps

mobile purchases

The optimized purchase screen for the mobile devices

deals the user has purchased

This shows the deals the member has already purchased

deals that have been used

This screenshot shows the member which deals have been used

deal maps for groupdeal

Both apps are integrated with Google Maps to display the deals on a map

Unfortunately it’s not very easy to provide live demos of the applications because they need to be downloaded and installed, however we are trying to work something out. In the meantime you can submit an enquiry or shoot an email to your assigned sales rep or CRM and they’ll help you out with all the details and explain the process of buying, setting up and submitting the apps to the marketplaces.