Whenever, Apple introduces a brand new feature with its product launch. It hardly takes some days time for Google to implement it in their glorified OS, Android too. The statement is inversely proportional considering the working statistics of both these operating systems. Both keep a close watch at things that bring them a clear advantage over the other.

An android application developer enjoys the benefit of applications that demand less space and on the contrary, iPhone app developers concentrate more on security as well as the graphical aspects. However, apps development is not a real concern when it comes to powerful platforms, and both these platforms excel in certain aspects. In this article let trace out where the new iOS9 comes up front, and how android with Marshmallow plans to reply it? Before moving to the details, every user should keep it in mind that Marshmallow is not fully updated or neither been made available to all devices run on android.


Marshmallow will add super user-face controls, and develop an excellent interface which is completely refined from that of Lollipop. Many users have a feeling that the interface of Lollipop is way too behind the competition with iOS9. With Marshmallow android will surely rectify it. The status bar, and even the home screen will come in a rotating pattern. The voice mail will be available in the visual format, and marshmallow will simplify the Ram manager together with the font settings.

iOS9 is loaded with intelligent controls capable of adapting to normal usage of users. Searches, multi-tasking, and all controls that allow users to have a better interface is made possible with the new iOS9. The intelligent controls that adjust itself to the routine of a normal user are the plus of iOS9. Many organizations providing excellent iPhone application development services can take advantage of this highly refined interface.

Google Now vs Siri: An open competition

Google Now in android will help users to make intelligent searches. It works as a powerful assistant to plan your daily tasks. You can set the reminder for your daily tasks, and the added advantage is the map based searches. It is developed in the same way as the Siri of Apple. To know the complete details about Google Now, users will have to wait till it gets on to all devices that work with the help of android. Now the provision is only available to the Nexus users.

Siri of iOS9 is a much refined one even with iTunes. The applications that the users utilize daily will be brilliantly arranged for the ease of use in iOS 9. It will even keep the tasks automatically ON as per the daily use of the users. Let us check a case in point which Siri work as a active assistant. If you have the habit of hearing songs while you go for a walk in the early morning, and that too by hearing some specific songs of your choice.

When you plug in the ear-phone at the same time, Siri will intelligently play the songs of your choice automatically. Again while travelling, Siri will suggest users about the correct map directions as well as restaurant options as well. Here Google Now and Siri are too close in manner they work, head to head. Hence users can expect valuable results from both operating systems.

Security aspects

The power of android is really visible in the functioning of applications. Both operating systems are capable of running powerful applications, still when it comes to security, both had to compromise a lot. Some applications are a nightmare to iOS as well as Android. Both organizations have worked a lot to fix it with the help of empowered control to stop hackers from collecting the data from the devices.

Marshmallow will come up with powerful controls that make sure that no data will leave the device while asking permissions, or doing mobile payments. The revised permissions, and an enriched finger print sensor can be expected in the new Marshmallow update. When we compare the security aspects, iOS9 is least vulnerable than android applications. The finger print scanner, iOS9 uses is fast and very much secure, together with the screen locking patterns. The updated Marshmallow will have the same options to face the competition neck to neck with Apple iOS9.

Mobile payments & the battery

One particular area in which Apple has kept the charm is the mobile payment options indeed. Any apple user can boost the options they get for doing mobile payments with their devices. Here, Marshmallow has concentrated a lot and is expected to roll out superior mobile payment options by integrating the services of top payment gateway options.

One of the vital issues, faced by all operating systems is the life of batteries indeed. Apple devices have been always blamed for their short battery life, but Android devices clearly lead in this aspect. This problem apple solves to an extent with iOS9. The operating system itself is made to consume less power and stand long while we do gaming and other multi-tasking options.

Both these operating system have a well- planned DOZE to save the life of batteries. According to Apple, the new operating system will work for a day comfortably, even if it is utilized for all purposes. We can expect Marshmallow will provide users with an operating system which never eats away the battery, and comfortably last for more than a day.


Web developers are expecting radical changes with marshmallow update this time, for the lollipop has been blamed for many faults at the root level operating. Android will fix it for sure with the Marshmallow update. While iOS9 will keep on with the trend to maintain the competition level high, as well.