There are a huge number of Android app developers out there and it is no wonder having given it a wide range across the globe, in which majority of the developers use Android Studio for their app creation. There has been an estimated figure on its number as 92% of the top 125 apps and games make use of this Android Studio.

Android Studio is a free integrated development environment (IDE) for the Android platform developments which is based on the IntelliJ Java IDE. This year has been an exciting time for the Android Studio wherein they have come up with another latest version of it- the Android Studio 2.2.

What is Android Studio 2.2?

Google has recently launched Android Studio 2.2 which is the latest version of IDE, encrypted in it the new advanced set of features throughout every major phase of the development process like design, develop, build and test.

Now let us have a closer look on some of the features:


Layout Editor:

This is one of a unique user interface assisting you to visually design the layouts in your app. This layout editor gives you the ease with simply dragging the widgets into the visual design editor. The layout editor has been modified in a way resembling a blueprint mode that hides the remaining details of your layout shortly, thereby giving you the option to check the arrangements and spacing of UI.

Constraint Layout:

A flexible layout manager designed for Android Studio’s brand new layout editor. Allowing you to create complex user interfaces without nesting multiple layouts.

Fundamentally, this is same to the Relative Layout, though Constraint layout has the added advantage of being more flexible and works perfectly with Android Studio’s new layout editor.

Layout Inspector:

A quick solution to inspect the view properties of your layout without leaving the IDE. Enabling you to debug a snapshot of your app layout running on the Android device.


Improved C++ Support:

Improved C++ support along with a number of bug fixes enables you to use CMake or ndk-build for compiling C++ projects from Gradle. Shifting the projects from CMake build systems to Android Studio can be done now with ease.

Firebase Plugin:

A new pack of services meant for the developers out there. It enables you in developing high-quality apps,  widen your user base and driving in your monetary level.

Samples Browser:

With this option, referencing the Android sample code is made now much easier. It assists you in receiving high-quality sample codes provided by Google based on the symbol highlighted in your project.


Instant Run:

This is one of the major added options for the quick and scalable functioning in the Android developments significantly improving the edit, build and run functions more easily for the developers.

Build Cache:

It mainly focuses on generating cache leading to the time reduction of creating both full and incremental builds.


Espresso Test Recorder:

With this, you can now easily create custom mobile application wherein it records all the UI interactions and converts it into a fully reusable test code.

APK Analyzer:

With the APK analyzer option you can easily analyze your APK contents understanding the size of each component. A helpful feature used at the debugging phase of the multi-dex issues.

There are in fact a lot more advanced features, check it out in the below link.




Android Studio 2.2 is certainly a step ahead with its advanced set of features and is sure to impact a huge publicity among the Android app development companies in meeting up all their expectations.