anova1Agriya Infoway, a Chennai-based web development company announces the release of the new add-on module called ‘Facebook connect’ for  the Anova software which is a knowledge sharing script that lets you start your own answering site.

The Facebook connect module is a boon for webmasters. By offering this great module the Anova team is taking their script to the next level. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, which is accessed by millions of users daily. By integrating Facebook with an answering site, you can surely increase the rate of users visiting the answering site. Once the Anova application is integrated with Facebook, anyone can access the Anova site using their Facebook account.

Also it lets users to show their favourite questions asked, answered and points won on their wall on Facebook. Now anyone visiting their profile can get to know about the Anova site. This stands as a much better medium of advertising the Anova site to other Facebook users.

“The Facebook add-on module is the perfect complement for Anova users” said, Aravind Kumar, The Managing Director of Agriya Infoway, “Our goal is to deliver the best resource to our clients by updating products with new exciting features. We are confident that the new version will satisfy all our clients’ needs.”