Social bookmarking is one of the recent trends, to store and organize needed items in public websites, and place individuals’ bookmarks as public or private. Site users can simply select a social bookmarking site, choose the category or tag that matches their interest, and bookmark the items. It is very useful when collecting a set of resources that site users may want to share with others. Users can access their bookmarks anytime and anywhere they can get access to the internet from.

Users can store their favourite websites, and look at what other people have bookmarked under various categories like sports, politics, shopping, news, latest technology and so on.

Going into search engines, typing something in, and searching for the right stuff can be boring, annoying, and take a lot of time. Social bookmarking saves site users’ precious time, and a lot of searching. They can also find interesting things that they may not have heard of before, by accessing others’ bookmarked lists.

Some social bookmarking sites allow site users to subscribe to the content. If they find users with similar thoughts and interests, they can subscribe to those users, and receive links bookmarked by them. Users can also comment on others’ popular bookmarked items. Commenting on bookmarks enables others to find about links easily and know what others think about the link. Apart from URL; they can also share photos with their friends or public in general. They can also maintain private photos and access them from anywhere through the net.

Social bookmarking is sure to bring targeted traffic and increase page ranks. After a site is launched, webmasters need not update it frequently. Site members will do that for them, by bookmarking favorite links and tagging keywords. In turn, it leads to making your presence felt across the internet.

What’s more? There are hundreds of social bookmarking scripts available in the market but we cannot guarantee how good they are. Remember the right use of social bookmarking software can keep customers returning to your website over and over. Make sure you pick the right one for instant success