Education has always been kept a par above all other progress humanity have ever achieved. And because we owe to it for everything we own right now, the significance of education will never fade as time goes by. The inception of digital learning is the best manifestation of this. Traditional education was a success for over 150 years and nothing much has changed all those years. However, the recent introduction of digital is more like a paradigm shift; it adds more comforts, convenience and flexibility to learning, moreover, gives learners the freedom of choice to how and when to learn. So, hence the digital learning is getting much traction as of now, we are happy to share the basic aspects of developing an e-learning app, especially for academic purposes. Enjoy the read!

Current Happenings in E-learning Market

Unlike many other business scenarios E-learning is a happening industry. Whether it’s a new technology or a trend, there is always something fresh about digital learning.

  • USA and Europe alone account for more than 70% of the global e-learning market
  • At least 4,600,00 students are taking some kind of online classes every day according to statistics in the year 2016
  • E-learning is basically shorter than classroom training on the same subject by up to 25-60%
  • Corporate learning alone is a 200 billion market, out of it 56.2 billion is the contribution of e-learning
  • Adaptive learning and micro learning is the next big thing in e-learning
  • AI and learner assistance has a great role in future of education

Building an Inclusive Academic E-learning App: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to building an e-learning software for a university or an educational institution, there is a multitude of factors one should take care of. However, here we discuss 3 major aspects of this e-learning business.

  • Market Segmentation And Finding the Target Audience
  • Choosing the app features that address the need of the target audience
  • Market strategy implementation to reach potential users

Now let’s discuss each in detail.

Market Segmentation and Target Audience

Many of us jump into the development phase without giving serious thought about to whom we are building the app. In fact, without proper research and analysis, one can never understand the demands of a market. Also, it is important to know the intentions and expectations of your target users. However, the geographical position has great significance with regards to e-learning.

Data says the United States, Mexico, and Brazil is the most prominently growing market for educational apps. China is not so far behind too. Also, educational apps are the number one searched category on Google Play and number 2 when it comes to the app store.

Crucial E-learning App Features

What makes an app stand apart or what defines an app? The answer is simple, the feature aspects. This is the reason why we need to be extra careful while deciding the features and functionalities needed to be incorporated into the app. Here we list a few key features you can ignore when developing an e-learning application.

  • Online admission should be the first thing you must take care of. By automating the admission process, you will become able to substitute the hectic, tedious submission procedure. Also, you don’t have to be worried about the timing; for the app will handle the process despite the time. Besides, it minimizes a lot of paperwork and time too.
  • Actionable Data Insights and Reports are a crucial aspect of any digital business. In an e-learning app, this analytic feature can aid your efforts to understand whether your learners are getting benefited as you believe. With real data, things are much easier than it was before. Moreover, you will have clarity on which training method is performing good and where the resources are needed best.
  • Assessments and Feedback cannot be ignored as it constitutes one of the most important modules. When assessments are important in understanding how effective the training process was and how it helped the learners, the feedback section offer learners to mark their opinions and suggestions for a better learning experience.
  • Student Information Management gives you a complete idea about tests or examinations conducted, attendance, appraisal on performance including details of marks scored, and all similar activities. This is an effective method to keep records. This can be an added benefit to the platform security; with all the data stored within, the system will only allow the existing users to access the platform benefits. Besides, you can generate real-time reports and customized reports easily.
  • Payment Methods in your e-learning solution should be reliable and secure. Because we all are conscious about money, you need to gain the trust of the users by incorporating the best reliable payment gateways to ensure flawless transactions. You can choose Braintree or Stripe if necessary.

Marketing and Promotions

No matter how impressive your application is, or how efficient it function, everything goes to vain if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy. This is true. Imagine that you have an e-learning application that involves everything millennials need, but what difference will it make if no one knows about it. This is where marketing and promotions came into play. In the world of digital, marketing has also gone online. In order to stay ahead of the online competition, today’s businesses have to implement SEO strategies, also, paid promotions by making use of Google and other social networks as well. Besides everything, offer rewards, discounts and other valuables for free to attract more users.

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