Groupon has created a history with its concept. Can we repeat the history by establishing a daily deal site in any region of the world? Yes, we can. Agriya has a reliable and versatile Groupon clone script which assists you to launch a group buying website in any nation of the world.

This script has excellent landing page designs, multi-functional features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at the front-end of this beneficiary script.

From Canada to Thailand, GroupDeal has launched group buying websites in almost every region of the world. Let’s see some of the Groupon clone websites developed by Agriya.

GrabJab – A Multinational Daily Deal Website

Grab most of the attractive deals of the USA and Canada by using GrabJab. It is a Groupon clone website developed by Agriya’s group buying script -GroupDeal. This website has conquered many hearts of the citizens of USA and Canada by providing exclusive deals on their website.

The specialty of this website is that, it concentrates on some of the important cities of Canada and the USA like New York, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, etc.


Agriya’s Valuable Assistance to Cultivate this Website

From the design to the impressive payment options, Agriya has added various elements in GrabJab to make it a user-friendly and business-friendly website. We have also provided them with global standard iPhone and Android app. These apps help them to spread their reach to Android and iPhone users. The users of GrabJab can easily opt a deal with the sense of touch.

This website is gaining a lot of momentum in recent times. It rises beyond the expectations of the users. Let’s travel down south to the mainland of the USA and check out another daily deal website.

TheDailyHookup – A Manly Daily Deal Website

Why should women have all the excitements with group deals in the USA? It’s time for men to grab deals for branded products from the dailyhookup.  This website is developed from Agriya’s daily deal software – Groupdeal.


This US based website offers various daily deals to satisfy every man’s needs. Let’s have a view on their creative concept.

The Igniting Spark of Creativity

Most of the men in the USA like to purchase branded products at a low cost. Thedailyhookup not only focused on branded men’s products, but also donate 5% of its income to the charity.This creativity has touched many hearts of men and they bought more deals from the website.

Agriya’s Dedication to Fuel their Dreams

Agriya’s script assisted them to set up a daily deal website. This script is very easy to customize and is friendly with major payments gateways as well.The script offered many features, which helped this website to excel in the group buying market. Let’s see another trendsetting daily deal website which caters the Mexican markets.

Cuponzote – A Vibrant Groupon Clone Website

Cuponzote brought the revolutionary concept of group buying to the lands of Mexico. This website has got the prestigious CNN Expansion’s best business entrepreneur award in 2012.


They are featured in various online magazines like El norte, Reforma and MilenIO. The success was due to its exceptional and creative idea.

Exceptional Concept of this Website

How exciting it would be if users do not have to pay any money for purchasing the deal? This thought struck the CEO of Cuponzote.  Agriya assisted him to setup his thought into a user-friendly and business–friendly website.

Agriya’s Efforts to Construct a Revolutionary Daily Deal Website 

Agriya’s GroupDeal not only helped them to setup a multi-beneficial website, but also used its flexible multi-language translations feature and the entire websites language was translated to Spanish.They used many features like QR codes, one click print, free gift and SEO features and added more functionality to their website.


CuCupons is an energizing and rejuvenating daily deal website for the citizens of Guatemala. This splendid website was constructed by using Agriya’s daily deal script -Groupdeal. This website is known for providing up to 90% of discounts on various products and services.


This website attracts various users and has many user-friendly options. The users of the website can easily pay the amount of deals by using Mastercard, Visa, Mega centro, VisaEnCuotas, BanRural, Banco industry, etc.

Agriya’s Zeal to Setup a User-friendly Daily Deal Website

Agriya’s script helped the website owners to integrate a multi-dimensional payment gateway on their website. The payment options and the entire website are verified by Norton’s Verisign.

The service of the CuCupons perfectly complements the attractive concept of the website. They always strive to keep their customers happy. Let’s now move towards Europe and see the leading-edge daily deal website.

Deallx – A Multidimensional European Daily Deal Website

Deallx is a website, which is crafted by using Agriya’s GroupDeal. The script is very flexible and has multi-language translations in it. This helped Deallx to launch websites in France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. From the vineyards of France to the shopping malls in Hungary, this website is very popular in all these regions.


This is the French version of the group buying website. It displays daily deals for the cities like Paris, Saint Etienne, Reims, Metz, etc. This website is featured in the French language.

It is an exclusive Austrian daily deal website which brings lucrative deals for popular cities like Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, St Polten, Wien, etc. This website is featured in German language.

Deallx also has a Hungarian daily deal site. It caters various cities like Budapest, Gyor, Fonyod, Heviz, etc. Each and every element of website is displayed in Hungarian language.

Deallx has also spread its wings in Germany. It has a German daily deal site which showcases daily deals for cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, etc.  The entire website is translated in German language.

Agriya’s Contribution in Building the Multi-national Websites

Agriya’s group buying script has helped to setup all the websites of Deallx. The multi-language translations feature has converted the website’s language as per the demands of Deallx’s target audience.
Agriya’s script is extremely friendly with most of the payment gateways in the world. This helped Deallx to setup all the websites with innovative features and payment gateways of various nations.

Marhaba deals – An Extraordinary Daily Deal Website

The concept of daily deal has reached the profitable land of the Persian Gulf. Marhabadeals greets you a warm welcome and invites you to its world of daily deals.


It is a daily deal website, which is constructed by using Agriya’s champion product GroupDeal. This website offers up to 90% of deals in various cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and North Emirates.

Agriya’s Zeal to Build a Business-friendly Website

Emirates are a home for many immigrants from India, Philippines, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It was very important to understand the buying pattern, the design, colors and their preferences.

Agriya took this challenging task and performs various kinds of researches for developing Marhaba deals in an effective way. After researching all the facts, we developed this revolutionary daily deal website and equipped it with a friendly payment gateway.

The users adore this website since it provides lucrative deals, exclusive payment options and respects the privacy of the user. By using this website, the citizens and immigrants of UAE have saved more than 26 million AED. Now let’s cruise to the Asian markets and have a look at Thailand’s daily deal website.

ThaiCityDeals – A Versatile Daily Deal Website

Agriya’s GroupDeal also entered the Thailand’s group buying markets by setting up It is one of the most famous and popular websites in Thailand which caters many cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.


This website has fans from all over the world. One of the catchiest factors is that the website’s language is in Thai and English. This helps to draw more users around the world. Thanks to the Agriya’s vibrant script which has an efficient multi-language feature. It assists the website owners to translate websites language in Thai. Agriya’s GroupDeal is a customization-friendly script, ThaiCityDeals used all the customized the website according to their target audience.

Final Word

GroupDeal has developed more than 1500 Groupon clone websites. The above-mentioned websites are some of them. These websites purchased the Group buying script from us and used all the options provided to them.Each feature helped them to enhance the functionality of their website. They are successfully in their regions.

GroupDeal is known for its features, multi-language options and revenue options. It is flexible to any kind of vertical of the online industry. We also provide excellent customization services. Our customization team can customize the website according to your needs and the target audience.