There’s no mistake about it, the group buying industry is changing and morphing and many existing group buying sites are looking to cross over in to the daily deals market rather than offering a deal which is tipped if enough people buy it. Why is this? Probably because it’s more profitable in the long run and easier to secure deals from businesses rather than hoping that 25 people will buy the spa treatment coupon at $50 and then refunding everyone when only 23 people buy.

More and more people are approaching us and asking if we have a daily deals script instead of a Groupon clone and the answer is: of course!

Our GroupDeal software is already well known for its flexibility and adaptability but did you know it can be used as a daily deals platform out of the box? That’s right, no customization, not coding, no additional features, all you need to do is set the minimum purchases to zero and it’s ready to go as a daily deals script.

Some of the biggest daily deal sites are already using Agriya’s software and many of our clients have received some incredible press coverage from the biggest media houses around the world.

Take TipToken for example, built by London based entrepreneurs, they were interviewed by the BBC (probably one of the biggest media companies in the world) about their website and their future plans. Chris and Jamie (owners of TipToken) were able to leverage Agriya’s expertise in the group buying development market to create one of the leading deal sites for London. There is also a great interview posted with the owners on Youtube.

Another example is a US based deals site aimed at college students, we can’t name it publicly because they are working hard to secure venture capital funding based on the website built by Agriya, but we can tell you they were featured on the giant of the tech blog world, TechCrunch.

Next up is Jewpon, a website catering to…you guessed it, Jewish related deals! They have been mentioned in the New York Times (can you get more prestigious?), in online magazine Venture Beat and got a fantastic writeup in TheNextWeb, infact there are very few websites where Jewpon haven’t been mentioned! Incidentally you should take some time to check out the hilarious adverts they have created for their business.

Finally (but only because this will turn in to a mile long blog post if we mention all our client successes here) there is New York based who were interviewed by the NYPost for their specialist website which focuses on deals for pet owners. Does it sound a bit far out? Then just go and check their sales stats! They have 3 or 4 deals each month to pamper the hell out of your little fluff ball.

OK, fine, we’ll give one more example of how successful our customers are because this one blew us away when we found out! BeeCrazy, a Hong Kong based group deals site regularly sells tens of thousands of deals each and every day, infact, DailyDealMedia recently mentioned they sold 100,000 coupons in one day. Wow! And they actually rely on a very old version of Agriya’s software to run their site, we’ve made thousands of tweaks and improvements since then so imagine how powerful our software is now!

If you’re noticing a theme here, these hugely successful websites are not just using Agriya’s GroupDeal software but they are focusing on niches and very local areas to run their sites. They are also run by people who are knowledgeable about the consumer market and have contacts that they can leverage but even that isn’t a barrier anymore thanks to a number of daily deal brokers which are springing up who will help provide you with daily deals so you just concentrate on promoting your website.

These are just 5 websites that are making it big with Agriya’s GroupDeal software and there are dozens more. If you want to get in touch with us to find out more, please fill out the form on our daily deals software page and a sales rep will get in touch with you. If you’re convinced that GroupDeal is the best daily deals script on the market then you can go ahead and make your purchase and buy our daily deals software today.