Agriya continues releasing clones of popular websites and this month is no exception with the release of our new GrubWithUs clone script which was created thanks to popular demand from our customers. Development for GroupWithUs was part funded by our clients on our groundbreaking social funding website Seven people contributed the money required to get the project off the ground and we’re delighted with all the feedback they’ve provided throughout the development.

Now, incase you are not aware of how GrubWithUs works, think of it as a fusion of group buying, speed dating and social networking.

The owner of the site (that would be you) arranges great deals with local restaurants and posts them on the site. The menu will usually be fixed before hand so people pay a fixed amount for the food. Members can then decide if they want to attend the dining event and pay for a ticket directly on your site.

In order to get people interested the first person that buys a ticket gets a discount on the regular price and then the price rises for every ticket that is sold, encouraging and rewarding people to get in early. Members that are not sure if they want to attend can wait to see who else is going but end up having to pay more than those already confirmed.

grubwithus clone script

GroupWithUs – Social Dining Software

Social dining is a great way for your members to meet new and interesting people in their local area and is almost like speed dating except you don’t have to change partners every 2 minutes!

Agriya’s latest software, called GroupWithUs, lets you run your very own group dining website complete with social networking options and a built in affiliate program. Everything is arranged by city so your members from Atlanta will only see dining events that are taking place in Atlanta but they can also check out other cities if they want to.

The whole script is multi-lingual and can handle any currency type thanks to the automatic currency exchange that’s built in to the script. You can have your Paris dining events page all in French and your Barcelona dining events page in Spanish, GroupWithUs is truly the social dining script built for the world!

It’s ready to be demo’ed and test driven right now so head over to the grubwithus clone page now and fill out the form to get all the details!