Progressing towards perfection is impossible without transformation; Agriya always considers this fact and transform its clone scripts to an advance level. We have upgraded the world’s innovative booking and rental software-BookorRent from Version V1.0b1 to V1.0b2. This new version will strengthen the security, boost the performance, and empower your website with new features. Explore the key highlights of this new version.

Rectified all the internal server page issues

Agriya’s PHP experts proactively identified and eliminated the minor elements which can cause minute problems in communicating with the server. Now each and every page of your rental and booking platform will have better connectivity and faster response time in all the browsers of the world.

Enriched the JSON API with new features

New version of BookorRent brings new features in its JSON API. Now, entrepreneurs can build a mobile application for their website with enriched capabilities. The new features include currency listing, language listing, item management, payout feature, coupons, security questions and much more. The mobile apps build from these data will have a set of new features which can comfort the users at multiple levels.

Solved all the clients and QA reported issues

Agriya lends an active ear to clients’ feedbacks and suggestion. We have worked on all the parameters of the client reported issues and fix them for obtaining quick results. On the flip side, our energetic QA team has also suggested some areas of improvement in our rental and booking software-BookorRent. We have made all the changes and present the better, quicker, well optimized version of BookorRent.

Improvised listing feature to the next level

Listing a post and a request on your booking and rental platform has never been so convenient. We have made some necessary changes in the codes to make it more visually pleasing and comfortable for your users. We have also fixed the listing update feature and optimized it for better performance.

Enhanced the categories feature

Categories are one of the key elements of any rental and booking platform. We have also worked in that direction to provide a smooth flow for generating and displaying categories and subcategories of your website.

How to download the upgrades for BookorRent?

To download the upgrades of this booking and rental software, we recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the Agriya Store
  • Login with your customer ID
  • Click on the license menu option on your dashboard
  • Click on view option which is next to your active license
  • Download the new version files available in the upgrades section
  • Upgrade your rental and booking software to version V1.0b2

Final Word

Agriya recommends you upgrade your booking and rental software-BookorRent from V1.0b1 to V1.0b2. If you have any issues in upgrading the files or want assistance to do so, feel free to contact us any time of the day. We will help you to upgrade BookorRent software as early as possible.