The wide use of smartphones & tablets has pushed the world to point called digital transformation. And as every business were given no other choice but to establish a digital presence, mobile apps has transcended to a standard that every business should follow. Real estate industry was n’t an exception; for it has adopted the digital approach soon as it realizes how easy and effective is to promote and present the services online.

Today,  almost 70% out of 80% interested buyers for properties in the US prefer mobile apps to find real estate agents. In fact, according to PWC report 2017,  if the realtors are not taking advantage of new-age technologies, the industry might face a crisis because it failed to meet the customer expectations. Hence and so, it is clear that the future of real estate is certainly moving towards the digital. Here through this piece of writing, we intend to share some productive insights that might help you grab great success.

Uplift Your Real Estate App ROI- Efficient Strategies and Approaches

The digital face of real estate business is a bit different from its conventional style of dealing with the users. If the conventional practices were all about finding the right prospects from the real world, digital is entirely different. Digital strategies are more focused and data-driven and so the outcome will be much better as well. Below given the best strategies for an entry-level business to make the best ROI out of their efforts.

Ensure World-class Experience and You will Never Disappointed

The major benefit of upgrading your real-estate business to an advanced realm is, you no longer have to ask your customers to go for a property visit. They can directly access the photos, price, features, and location of the property from the app itself. However, it is crucial that you must make the property listing as per locations. In such a way, users can easily search for a property by specifying the price and location they have in mind.

Also, since the app contains the analytics tracking feature, platform owners can grasp the pain points, expectations and behavioural patterns of the users and take appropriate measures to enhance the total feel and experience of the interface.

Accelerate the Sales Process to Seal More Deals

In Agriya, we’ve so driven by the data we gather and insights we decode. Anyhow, our researches show that a faster sales process is more efficient in closing the deals. In fact, you can introduce new offers, discounts on deals, rewards etc to attract users. Also, you must incorporate certain additional attributes such as EMI calculator and more. You may think how a mortgage and loan calculator can improve the pace of the sales process. But, imagine if you are using a calculator or a virtual calculator from your phone itself, it would possibly take a great deal of time and the factor of convenience will be at its lowest as well. Instead, if you integrate an EMI calculator as part of the platform, the process will be much easier and convenient too.

Introduce New Technologies to Drive More Convenience

The first thing that every business should know about digital is that the rate of evolution is comparatively high. It means, technology is advancing day by day and if you failed to adopt and leverage it into your benefits, you will be thrown out of the game.

For instance, consider AR (Augmented reality). This particularly is a newbie in the world of technological innovations. How do you think it can help the end-users of your real estate app? Since AR has the ability to overlay a virtual image on the physical world, it can be a great addition to your app. Especially, if some customer is planning to renovate his/her property, you can take them on a virtual tour of what the renovated site would look like by integrating AR into your Custom Mobile Application Development.

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