Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 has landed recently and is reported to be one of the biggest milestones to date. In a way or another, most of the bootstrap web development company started running on it. Its framework being easy to use provides simple installation and is an incredible time-saver. This ever popular responsive front-end framework has got its sixth alpha release recently bringing in some of the major changes in it.

Highlights Released in Alpha 6 Version

Here let us have a look at some of the major updates being incarnated in the latest version:

Streamlined Navbar

During the release of Alpha 5, the navigation bar seemed to be a little half-baked. With the incredible move from floats to flexbox, the navigation bar has been customized to provide much better responsive built-in behaviors along with an improved layout and adaptable support.

  • Navbars are built with flexbox instead of the floats
  • The navbar toggle .navbar-toggler has also been updated to .navbar-toggler-icon for improved customization.
  • Includes easy modifiers for top right or left alignments.
  • The .navbar-toggleable classes are now used with the .navbar instead of using the .collapse. With this one class change, it provides better responsive behavior.

Default Flexbox

Bootstrap 4 is now flexbox which is a powerful layout tool providing unparalleled flexibility and control to the core components and bringing significant improvements to the component structures. In place of display:table hacks and floats, most of the components like navs, list groups, cards and much more make use of the flexbox.

Grid Improvements

Grid improvement is in terms with the addition of responsive auto-sizing columns along with more container padding options. With any number of .col-* classes and they will be all equal in width. Adding more grid containers can now be configured across breakpoints with the new $grid-gutter-widths SaaS map. Similarly, for removing gutters from grid rows and columns, the .no-gutters modifier can be made of use.

More Responsive Utilities and Great Infix

With the arrival of Alpha 6, Bootstrap’s wide variety of utility suit of classes – display, float, flexbox and so on have become fully responsive. In order to keep these class names as approachable and representative of their scope, two important changes are being done:

  • The -xs infix from the lowest breakpoint has been dropped as it is not as responsive like sm, md, lg, and xl wherein applying styles at a min-width and up.
  • Renaming several classes for the better connection of their property values pairings. For example, instead of using the class pull the class float is used.

Drops IE9 Support

In Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6, the flexbox is becoming more demandable thereby dropping down the demand for the IE9. Bootstrap now uses flexbox by default and cannot be disabled using the SasS variable. And brings significant improvement to component layout, sizing, and alignment.


Until now Bootstrap has come a long way along with implementing new improvements. It is, in fact, a useful framework and it helps out the Bootstrap Developers in creating powerful responsive web solutions. So are you ready to experience V4 Alpha 6 now for your business?