The world of teaching and learning has taken a new turn combined with e-commerce websites. This time and money saving initiative have been a huge hit among teachers and learners. The ease of accessibility which it guarantees is what makes it an invaluable asset. As an entrepreneur, if you can get things right, this venture can be highly profitable and satisfying.

This way of learning results in increased knowledge retention rate. It greatly removes the complexity associated with conventional methods of learning. Here, we explain you the business and revenue model of an e-learning website. Also, we point out what’s expected of your website, in terms of features and functionalities.

Business Model of E-learning Website

Massive open online course (MOOC) provider generally follow a straightforward model of business orientation. Through a panel of specialized instructors/teachers/subject matter experts, you can offer various courses, on your website. Connecting with online, learners of all age groups, across the globe, can get started in a matter of seconds.

Classification of courses will have to be given like free and paid. Technically, you can tag them as verified and free of cost courses. Verified course is where a learner has to pay by selecting various plans of his convenience. If you’re reluctant to offer free courses, worrying about the monetary compensation or short-term returns, you might loose some invaluable long-term benefits of it.

E-learning Platform Business Model

Revenue Model

With that said, this productive marketplace can offer various revenue options.

Subscription plan

Here, a user is allowed with website subscription for a certain period of time. It may be a month, three or any amount of days that an administrator concedes. After which, a user can learn any number of courses before the due date of his subscription.

Pay per course

As the name suggests, one can choose their preferred course in the list of premium courses.

In pay per course model, the instructor is the one who gets paid predominantly, an admin will receive a fixed contribution. Whereas in the subscription model, it’s the other way around, the admin relishes entire subscription fee. However, he can contribute a bit to the instructor out of his own interest. For an instructor to get associated with the portal, the admin will receive a listing fee, otherwise called as site commission.

Needless to mention, getting involved with promotional activity like Ad-banner can prove to be an excellent revenue module.

Getting Everything Right with your Online Learning Platform

Give your website a chic look by following a simple and attractive UI/UX design. It sets the tone for your website. Attention should be given towards ensuring user experience, by achieving good navigation. In case you are looking to develop an e-learning platform completely based on a unique idea and custom requirements, you should try our recently launched online learning solution.


This is where you’re expected to lay the groundwork for your website. Search tool must be present for the users to find their desired courses. How it works section will be even handier for the users to get all sufficient information about the website. Also, the content must be in such a way to illustrate, how advantageous can the website be for their knowledge quest. Display the most sought-after courses of your website. You can also add the stats of a number of people benefited, the kind of experience they had till course completion. In simpler words, popularity, pricing and rating.

Course related inclusions

As already said, every single element relating a course should be included. Try offering a variety of courses for learners of different specializations. You can even categorize them according to the level of difficulty. Once the course gets underway, both the instructor and user should be following a specific time guide. If possible, you can extend that through a feature as well. Also for subscribed users, a feature resembling a status tracker can be employed. By which they will find it easier to assimilate the progress of a particular course.

Dashboard for everyone

It’s a known fact that an admin dashboard must be highly operational. Additionally, in this case, both the instructor and user must be enabled with an interactive dashboard. An instructor might need that to obtain details such as the number of students enrolled in his course, ratings, transaction and much more. Users can benefit by social media logins, course upgradations, e-mail settings, profile management and transactions.

Final words

Through the process of an extensive analysis of key players and market needs, coupled with effective technical methodologies, Agriya has developed an advanced ready-made e-learning script, Teachr – Udemy clone script. We can aid you in kick-starting your own e-learning website in no time, prioritizing on your requirements.

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