Over the years, Online taxi booking practices have amassed and attracted a massive user base. Have you ever imagined why’s that? No prizes for guessing, the reason is pretty simple and straightforward. Yes, it’s all about making customers happy. And how would you do that if you’re planning to or established already a taxi booking service? It’s about making a user easily accustomed to your application and the only way you do that is by developing an intuitive app with prime functionalities.

Here, we break down the business model of the marketplace along with key features and functionalities that a taxi booking app requires.

Business and Revenue Model for Taxi Booking App Business

It’s common to standardize a business model referring to key player’s medium. Either if we do so or not, the core is to play a cab aggregator role. It’s the case with Uber as well. The application must effectively connect user’s request for a ride with cab owners/operators, around which the business model should revolve. Revenue can be obtained from the cab owners/operators for actuating their service through the application. Also, on every successful completion of a ride, a fixed percentage of commission will have to be given to the aggregator by the owner/operator.

Taxi Booking App Business Model

App features and functionalities

While effecting a uber like app, you must be aware of your target audience and the environment in order to personalize the application better. Incorporating basic features and functionalities which users would’ve got used to is a must because the simplicity of the basic purpose fullfills the need of a user. Apart from that, innovative and smart adaptive features that relate your target user base is what required. Here are some basics of creating a taxi booking app like uber.

Doing the basics right

Immediately after launching the application the user should be provided with a user guide which explains the working of the application. First-time users will be greatly benefited, apprehending the booking process. Not to forget, the design and look of the application is your best deal to place you in a win-win situation, even the features and functionalities come second. On any given day, spotless UI/UX design should always be a top priority.

Cardinal workflow functionalities

The sign-up process should be conveniently developed providing flexible options to log in through Gmail, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Next process is the user profile creation, essential fields like add, edit or delete profile must be configured. The same applies for driver profile creation as well. Provision should be made for classifying the listed cars based on certain attributes like price, type, specifications and most importantly the availability status. Google map like API integration shall be done to bring about tracking facility, which can prove beneficial to both admins and cab operators.

Supportive Emergency management

To make sure that your service credibility remains intact, customer safety must be given utmost attention. And how can you achieve that through the application? Simple it is, add emergency contact option should also be included in the user registration part. Admin can pass the number to the driver if any unforeseen situation is encountered.

In-built fare estimation mechanism

A common concern that online taxi servicing businesses face is putting in place a perfect dispute handling mechanism. To be specific, waiting time conflicts is what that disrupts the service. So try incorporating a fare estimation mechanism helping drivers find an automated way to generate ride fare.

Waiting time calculator

Staying with dispute management, waiting time sortation happens to be the next big headache generally. So another automated mechanism is the only option left here as well. It should be effected in a way to generate accurate billing, based on standard accepted charges.

Payment gateway options

As discussed earlier, your targeted and desired business locality can be anywhere around the globe, which is why a versatile payment gateway module. It should contain all leading and popular service providers so that users are never strangulated by location based service restriction.

Final words

On the back of profound research on uber and the taxi booking app marketplace, Agriya has developed Taxi Pickr – Uber clone script, handling latest technical tools. Ultimately, we can help bringing into effect a uber like application instantly for iOS and Android platforms.

Develop Taxi Booking App Like Uber