This is the time in history when finally we commence considering mobile apps as an essential standard for digital businesses. Even though mobile apps have been in the picture for quite some time, the game got real interesting as businesses began embracing its potential advantages. However, much like other business verticals, education has also witnessed the positive influence of mobile apps lately. More than just the convenience factor, there is a multitude of positive aspects for mobile apps when it comes to e-learning. This document particularly focuses on rendering insights on building an academic e-learning app for educational institutions.

Why do You Need an E-learning App for your Organization?

There are numerous examples of successful e-learning applications; Khan academy, Mindvalley etc are the prominent names. Even business giants like Toyota, Paypal, Lyft etc take advantage of e-learning possibilities to improve employee productivity and potential. Now let’s see how important is an e-learning app for your organization.

  • An e-learning software is flexible and can be utilized anywhere, anytime.
  • It makes learning continuous; there are no limits for learning with an e-learning app
  • There is no particular age for digital learning; helps you target a broad range of users
  • Easy to access the information such as course materials, lessons etc
  • Proven improvement in efficiency when it comes to e-learning
  • The level of engagement is much higher when comparing to conventional learning practices
  • Effective collaboration between learners as one of the key benefits of an e-learning application
  • Improved ROI and business potential

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Building an E-learning Application: 3 Crucial Steps to Keep an Eye on

We have a stereotype judgement that the learning process is tiring and boring. However, it is completely wrong in regards to e-learning. Digital learning has incorporated many aspects that promote engagement and flexible learning. Anyhow, as an entry-level entrepreneur/business, you should have to consider three very important things when developing an e-learning application.

Audience Targetting and Market Segmentation

Just before you jump into the process of app development, spare some time to research your target audience, their demographics, interests, behaviours and more. Also, engage in market segmentation, which helps you understand the market better. Moreover, it helps you focus better, understand better and be more competitive as well.

When it comes to the niches e-learning app businesses operate, there are a handful of opportunities you can really try working on. The major e-learning app types involve VR&AR integrated learning apps, brain training apps, language learning apps, and there are apps that deliver online courses like Coursera, Udemy and more. So we recommend finding your audience, choosing a niche that aligns with your goals and kickstarts the development process

Incorporate Inventive Features, But do not Overdo it

As a responsible person/organization, you should be very aware and clear about what all features you are going to incorporate into the app. And most importantly one should communicate the same with the developers to ensure maximum relevance. Since features of the app decide the behaviour and actions of users, there is no compromise on the feature part.

However, the first and foremost thing is to develop a powerful database, and then one should never miss these very useful features; live tutorials, podcasts, payment integration, analytic insights and many more.

Monetize Your Platform Efficiently

Finally, we are going to discuss the most crucial aspect of any business, money. Well, you’ve already done the research, developed an e-learning app with incredible features, but how will you generate an income out of it. Here comes the monetizing part; There are a few possible ways through which you can generate revenue.

The freemium model is the most flexible one; it allows the users to access a part of your platform for free. Later you can price your advanced courses or course materials. In-app purchases are another effective monetization strategy. Similar to freemium you have to provide most of your services for free but can push the users to use different value additions or enhanced facilities by purchasing them. Apart from this, one can experiment with a subscription model and ads as well.

Interested in Ready-made Online Learning Solution?

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