Simply going by the topic, it’s quite an understandable and common tendency among many to go for the best bet, which is to zero in on an application like Whatsapp. Irrespective of the platform being considered, Whatsapp is perhaps the benchmark and headway for bringing about an all round chatting application.

Already, there is enough horizon for entrepreneurs and new age developers to be familiar with all the technicalities behind development of Whatsapp. So, what you can expect from this article is a clear-cut idea of the preferred technical essentials, coupled with inclusions of a chatting application that certainly you can’t avoid if your application is to make a difference.

The server quest

Obviously, the foremost priority should always be on choosing a best-fit server that embraces several needs like Decentralized communication with standard HTTP API’S to provide decent interoperability and data manageability.

One problem which is prevalent with chatting application is finding the right stability between interoperability and privacy. That’s where decentralized communication has a very important role to play.

Programming language

This is the part where you’re expected to hit the target really hard. It’s of utmost importance to wisely fix on a particular programming language. As we witness constant upgrades in the iOS version,  what stands crucial is to effect a programming language that just makes sure that the application never loses its compatibility.

One such programming language which in fact becomes conducive to the aforesaid aspects is “Swift”. Needless to say, it was released by the Apple to make the job relatively easy for the developers. What’s even more encouraging is that it happens to be the simplified form of objective c and objective c++ too.

Framework to be used

For all database oriented applications, it’s the framework which determines whether the application is of state-of-the-art type or of an average type.

Your preferred framework, must

  1. Support standard development interfaces.
  2. Render considerable memory management and terminate memory leaks.
  3. provide fastidious extension support.
  4. Contribute to the possibilities of fast and secure development.

Key ingredients for success

Apart from offering incessant communication, an initiative must be there to originate highly distinguishing features with a great degree of adequacy and usefulness.

The race for putting together a prudent chatting application has definitely got intensified among many such service providers. To make life easy, high-grade features are on the rise every now and then. Luckily, there are still gaps left to be taken over.

It would be a welcome move to extend your application in such a way to connect with various other social platforms. It’s one section which needs no introduction, being visualized as the Juggernaut for almost every cause. An effective social platform sync and connect options will always generate you a wider user interest.

A restriction which may also be annoying at times is the maximum file transfer capability that a chatting application presents. In particular, many chat applications imposes limitations on video file transfer. This is where you can chip in by developing a custom mobile application, that can actuate one to involve in transferring video files of larger size.

Whatsapp operates by scaling down the maximum number of participants a group can hold on to. Initially, it was 100 and it’s 256 now. This move was contemplated as Whatsapp’s tactic to seal profit by letting business communities to get in touch with the users. If you strongly feel that your application needs to and will do well among business enthusiasts, then you have every reason in the world to give a thought about this particular point.

Using of ready-made app scripts with pre-determined business model and features is the easiest way for an entrepreneur to start up a chat app. Agriya has backed the entrepreneurs with the WhatsApp clone script – BlaberChat.

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Final words

Developing a chat application for iOS isn’t an easy task, it requires serious groundwork before going anywhere further. But if you go by the numbers, evaluating each and every single facet, then you are well on course to create a worthwhile chat application.

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