Education is who we are today. Every human accomplishment, triumphs are the manifestation of what we have learned. In fact, education is something we can’t imagine forsaking. It is a necessity for our prolonged existence. The process of learning has been never linear, it has undergone several modifications from time to time. The digital education system is the new norm of the 21st century. It focuses on delivering access to all the possible streams of modern education, moreover, it aims to redefine the learning stereotype by introducing flexibility and convenience to the learning process. However, here we discuss business possibilities of the modern-day digital education system, we also cover the basics as well as core concepts to help you kickstart your own E-learning business.

E-learning- Stats and Figures

Digital learning practices are incredibly beneficial when compared to conventional learning, that there is absolutely no way we could resist its incoming. Studies reveal, with e-learning,  candidates learn 5 times more materials within a comparatively less period of time. The efficiency in learning helps participants make the best out of the course. Also, when it comes to corporate, 42% of organizations have witnessed a significant improvement in their revenue by implementing E-learning. In fact, IBM has saved $200 million after switching to digital learning. More than 41% of Fortune 500 companies use some kind of E-learning solution as of now. Above all, E-learning industry has grown 900% since the year of 2000. Check here for more, e-learning industry stats & analysis.

Complete Guide for Building an E-learning App

There is no doubt that E-learning businesses are going to rule over the entire education system. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place. Through educating the masses, you are developing a new, independent and conscious generation. Feels great, right? But, is it that simple to prove your worth in a highly competitive market? It can be a tiring process as an entry-level business to compete with those already established businesses. Refer the roadmap to optimize your pursuit of success.

Define Your Audience

Since customers are the backbone of any business, doing business with the right people is crucial. Defining your target audience will help you define a clear goal, plan the strategies more efficiently and execute the same confidently. However, don’t confine yourself. The education industry is huge, it includes many categories, streams, cultural peculiarities and many more. You can find the target audience by dividing people based on their region, age, gender, cultural differences and more.

If you are targeting on young learners, you should engage them in studies. There is no other way around. By introducing gamification, quizzes and more, make the learning much entertaining and valuable as well. Analyzing the outcome or the progress of the process is also important, as it helps you understand your students better. Video sections with experts bring more value as well. On the other hand, if you are dealing with children, particularly when you are dedicated to teaching them, you should have to implement a new strategy which includes Fun video, games, interactive and puzzle games.

Adopt Latest Technology Trends Required for Developing an E-learning App

The impact of technology in almost every sector is remarkable, e-learning is not an exception as well. It is what which makes the digital education much interesting and less complex. The more innovative technological aspects you integrate within your platform, the more it attracts the users.

E-learning App in Desk

Gamify your Mobile App

The main concept of gamification is to minimize the boredom by promoting interactiveness. It promotes learning via game quests.

Learn Better with Videos

Videos will be accounted for 80% of all internet traffic by 2021.  Moreover, the impact of visual representation on learning is remarkable, it improves the knowledge transfer between teachers and learners. Integrating videos as a learning approach is highly effective and admirable.

Cloud Storage for Efficient Learning

Isn’t it learning too easy if we can access all the learning materials and books in a jiffy? If you integrate cloud storage to your app, it will enable users to access, books, notes and communicate effectively with the mentors.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are referred as one of the best futuristic innovations of today. Several tech giants are investing massively in this technology. AR technology minimizes the distance between real and virtual world, which helps users to grasp the highly sophisticated lessons more easily. Whilst AR induced e-learning apps have been launched already, the cost of implementing VR is still high and is not accessible to a wide range of audience.

Puzzles, Brain Games, and Memory Training Games

Merging learning with fun is an effective way to improve the process. Offering your kids with brain games, memory training, and thought-provoking puzzles will help them balance learning and fun at the same hand. Besides, this enhances their ability to solve problems, think independently and many more.

Significant Revenue Generation  Possibilities for your E-learning Business

Monetizing an education platform is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, there is a multitude of income-producing schemes, that can help you earn a substantial profit.

In-app Purchases

The revenue model of your business solely depends on which business model you have chosen. However, in-app purchases are easily implementable. You can offer, books, notes, courses, etc., and charge for the products and services you are providing. it can be physical or virtual objects.

Subscription Based Model

This is applicable when you offer solid study materials or courses. You can provide a free version of your application with limited features and ask for the subscription to get more innovative features and attribute

Alliance with Educational Organizations

Potential partnerships with educational institutions are effective. If you own an idea, that can benefit similar educational organizations, you can go for a mutual alliance. The only thing you should do is to find out the organizations which suit your criteria.


Integrating ads into an education platform will seem inappropriate, but if you include relevant ads, this can be an excellent way to earn some profit. Besides, consider the age group of your targeted audience while choosing the ads

Eminent E-learning Businesses in the App Market

Mobile Learning

Here we feature some of the best, efficient E-learning platforms that rule the App market today.


Udacity offers a multitude of courses, which can be chosen by candidates according to their taste. Besides, there is limited period service called nano degree service, which aims to provide training and certification for just $200. Classes and sessions can be downloaded offline as well.

Brainscape flashcards

Brainscape flashcard is a renowned e-learning platform, which follows the concept of cognitive science that improves the brain capacity at the right intervals. It accelerates the learning pace by repeating the concepts with the help of different flashcards. Brainscape flashcard earns revenue via subscription-based model, it charges $10 dollars for advanced E-learning services.


This mobile application is specifically for mathematics. It delivers solutions for sophisticated mathematical problems by taking the photo of question written in your copy. Further, the app will break down the steps to help you understand the topic.

Ready-made E-learning Software to Kickstart your Business

So the question now is, how should I develop a complete E-learning app from the get-go? Isn’t hard as an entry-level business to afford a typical software development process? Well, Agriya offers an impeccable online learning solution, a ready-to-deploy software script, which can be utilized by businesses to set up an e-learning application seamlessly. It incorporates several inventive features to optimize both end-user as well as business operations. Above all, it is open for further modifications and is possible to reform it in accordance with your business needs.

Bottom Line

Present-day digital education holds enormous scope within. It has the potential to influence every aspect of our existence. Moreover, the business opportunities associated with E-learning is substantial. With right technology and strategies to market and promote that particular idea, you can leave your mark on future education.

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