Reactjs is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers. Although React can be used for developing single-page or mobile applications, it is widely recommended for building interactive user interfaces. However, in the midst of all those choices we have, what sets React apart?  React fundamentally eases the process of UI development; design the simple views for each corresponding state, also update and provide the right components when data changes. In this article, we aim to shed light on the efficient UI design practices that one must n’t ignore.

Effective UI/UX Development: Important Things to Remember

It is known to everyone that the primary goal of any business is sales and growth. Since UI and UX development focuses on users’ satisfaction and pleasure, its influence in terms of business success is massive.

Create drag and drop UI, make sure it’s user-friendly

When engaged in UI/UX development, especially when building drag and drop UI, you must make sure it is as user-friendly as possible. For this reason, you must be capable to change the way interface components look with respect to the ongoing events and changes made to their state.

To achieve the aforementioned goal, you can rely on Reactjs. Using the same you will be able to create different drag-and-drop events. And guess what! Each component will look different according to its different states.

Take advantage of CSS to customize the components

One thing about every react component is that they can have a unique, custom-tailored style. This part is significant because developers will often encounter difficult scenarios, where they have to meet complex design requirements.

By making good use of CSS concepts, one can style their React components corresponding to the demands given. The process is very intuitive and direct, for styled components eliminates the mapping between styling and components.

Display data by using Charts

When it comes to UI designing, visualizing the data is crucial. This is where Recharts come into play. By using Recharts, you can plan and implement your visualization strategies in an impressive yet minimalistic manner. Anyhow, Recharts is a composable charting library made up of React components.

So why Recharts? Because it can help you create charts comparatively quickly and easily, Recharts is one of the most widely admired functionality in Reactjs. Moreover, Recharts use Scalable Vector Graphics elements, the charts you build will be mobile-friendly and will look perfect in any device of your choice.

Build easy to use websites by making use of state-based routing

If you are an experienced developer or a Reactjs web development company, you must have heard about state-based routing for apps. The whole is that you can build a website as a web app instead of a traditional website. All you need to have is a binding component that can bind different states of a React app together.

However, the different states of your React app will be different web pages with unique content. And to bind all these states together, you must use the UI-Router for the React ecosystem. UI-Router will allow the React app to change the browser’s URL address.

Use Google’s material design

Google’s material design components are very familiar and are known as the best when it comes to UI/UX development. From app bars and autocomplete to icons, menus and dialogue boxes, everything in Google’s material design is written in React and is all ready to use. Above all, Google has made sure that none of the components loses any of the Material design principles in the React environment.

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