The origin of human traveling dates backs to the 14th century. Or at least this is all we understand so far from the data gathered. However, we are part of this millennial era, and to travel places has been an integral part of our life. Whether it is for a business reason or even simply to experience the world and people in it, travel requires planning, pre-planning to be exact. In fact, there are a lot of factors to be taken care of; flights, hotels, commuting and so much more. So who will take care of this for you? Of course, travel agencies can help to a narrow extent, even platforms such as Airbnb can be helpful at times. But, do you know self-planning can save great deal money, also, help you explore more. And the best way to experience the soul of a place is to connect with the locals. A modern-day travel activity platform exactly do the same; help travelers connect with reliable local residents.

Travel Activity Booking Marketplace: Working Model

As you are already aware, the core intention of a travel activity booking platform is to connect travelers with the right natives who are willing to offer the service they demand. Few of the similar travel experience platforms include Triple, Vayable, and Withlocals; the rate of their progress signifies rapid evolution of travel marketplaces.

Similar to other on-demand businesses, this travel experience booking benefits both travelers as well as those who render the services. Travelers can customize their experiences, find the right people and indulge in more soul-fulfilling events; whereas the natives can earn money by hosting interesting activities in their hometown. However, in order to improve the booking experience, it is made mandatory to include photos and descriptions of the activities. Details such as price, schedule, duration etc should be incorporated as well.

Further, considering all the information provided by the hosts, travelers can choose the right service they need and proceed with booking the same. Above all, to have a mobile strategy is inevitable; for a great percentage of travelers rely on smartphones to fulfill their travel needs.

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Important Features and Functionalities to be Incorporated with a Travel Experience Platform

As you begin to engage in travel booking software development, you must clearly have an idea about the attributes and features you necessarily have to integrate with the same. Also, you need a realization that a travel experience platform is fundamentally a service marketplace software customized to deliver a unique experience for the worlds travel enthusiasts. Now, take a glance at the features you cannot miss while developing a platform similar to Triple, Vayable, or Withlocals.

User Authentication

Everything starts by getting hands-on user information. And there is no other method easier and effective than sign up/registration to gather all the basic information of your users. However, since this is where a user starts his/her’s journey, one must ensure that this part is flexible and easy to comprehend. For instance, Provide diverse signup options including social media registration, sign up with email and more. Also, make sure that the users can switch roles; it helps a single user to act as a traveler and a host with respect to their needs.

Having control over their personal data is highly preferable by every user. Thus and so, render privilege to your users; let them take complete control over the information they offer. Allow them to add, edit or even hide the information whenever they want. Above all, it is needed to have an efficient method to verify the user identities; for the platform allow strangers to connect with each other. As someone who controls all the operations within the platform, you can ask users to submit digital copies of their IDs.

Streamlined User Experience

User experience is such a broad term; it involves a wide range of practices and approaches that improve the easiness, accessibility and usability of your platform. And because it can have a huge impact on the success of your business, it cannot be eliminated by any means. When it comes to a travel experience booking software, there is a multitude of things one should keep an eye on. First of all, it is important to incorporate descriptions, images or even videos to help travellers understand the essence of the activities planned. Mentioning the dates, timing, venue and all other necessary details will help users plan their journey accordingly.

In a similar manner every service booking software works, incorporating a map within the platform will ease the user’s efforts to find the right location where the event is planned. You can make sure this by implementing the Google Maps API into the travel platform. Besides, to facilitate the lone travelers- to help them find a group and take part in group activities, you can add a bonus feature called ‘Join group tours’. This is moreover ideal for travelers who seek a much cost-effective adventure.

Search and Filters

“Don’t let your users feel confused or lost in your platform”. This is very important; it can pessimistically affect your platforms overall experience and no doubt that you will eventually lose all your progress. Include a smart search mechanism, integrate machine learning possibilities to help users with relevant search suggestions. Moreover, introduce different search filters; let users customize the search according to their preferences. Help users find the right service they are looking for; allow them to filter the results in regards to location, categories, price, ratings, available dates and so much more.


This feature showcases travelers and hosts about their upcoming as well as past activities. Apart from having access to all their bookings, schedules etc, users can share their favorite experiences with friends.

Notifications and Alerts

Too often we neglect the significance and possibilities of notifications/alerts. Because it is the best effective way to intimate users about the upcoming events, offers or even relevant suggestions, this cannot be ignored by any means. Besides, these alerts can also be used as a medium to promote your new services; it is considered one of the most productive marketing approach.


No matter how much features and functionalities you stuffed inside, your idea of a travel booking platform will be an utter failure if you do not implement a direct communication channel between the users and the hosts. And why is that so important? Well, we humans have a hard time believing things and people we don’t have direct contact with. Integrate a messenger within the platform to ensure the communication between both entities.

Authentic Payment Methods

The prime motive of any trade, also the most sensible part of any trade from a user perspective is payments and transactions. While developing a travel experience booking platform, you can definitely trust a few renowned names- PayPal, Braintree, or Stripe; they are reputed payment gateways and have a great track record in the similar field.

User Feedback and Reviews

Last but not least, feedback and reviews have great influence on any digital business. Firstly, it helps other users to find the right service providers, also, it gives great opportunities for businesses to streamline their platform with respect to user expectations and needs.

Set Up an Inclusive Travel Activity Booking Platform in No Time

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