A website template is the best option to give your webpage an attractive professional look. Take a look at some suggestions to choose the appropriate template.


Images are the most powerful tools to attract visitors. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and so, too many images may spoil the webpage, by increasing its download time and therefore annoying the customers. So select a template with limited number of images that are just about right for the site.

Choosing Template:

When you buy a template, make sure you test them in different browsers as well as in various versions because there are chances that some versions might not display certain features. Also check whether the template is free of error because simple errors may also hide your content from search engine spiders. Using a template that has an HTML tool box is best to scan the template for coding errors.

Some templates use too many tables at different levels for designing the layout. Many levels make it harder for a search engine spider to index your page because it buries the content inside a bunch of tables. And as usual usage of table layouts could have downloading problems too. If the template takes 30 seconds or more to load before you add content, you can be sure there’s a problem, so get down to setting it right.

Apart from using a template as a design tool, it can also give you ideas related to design with regard to color combination, new ways to use icons and place navigation bar etc.

Our developers at Agriya transform complex ideas into a simple front end web design for websites and also use templates with CSS format to give your structured content a style quotient.

Choosing the right Web Designing Company is very much important than choosing the right template to design your website. So Hire Website Designers from Agriya and get benefited with the Front End Web Development Service.