As the world knows, the road to absolute digital maturity is still in progress. Businesses like Uber has shown the world a slight glimpse of the forthcoming digital revolution. However, the notion of new-age digital taxi business not only ignored the norms of traditional cab booking business but re-scripted the whole idea into something more efficient, convenient and productive as well. Today, as we steer towards a complete digital culture, getting an online citizenship for your business is inevitable to outlive the competitions. Anyhow, in contrast to its criticality, due to its rising demand, the cost of digitizing the businesses has gone past the bar of affordability. Here in this document, we share our insights on building an all-inclusive digital taxi booking app, not by spending too much effort, time and money but by practising the most effective strategies and ideas.

Stay Aligned with Change – Keep Improving All the Time

Businesses like Google, Microsoft or any big fishes in the industry, has managed to achieve massive success because they have always embraced the change. For instance, Uber is constantly reviving their brand identity. In fact, they have altered their logo thrice since their inception. As more taxi booking apps are joining the party, the notion of uniqueness is the factor that sells. This is the reason why you should keep a keen sight on of recent technological advancements. Uber has achieved great success throughout these years, they have always taken chances from the technological perspective and never been afraid to expand their business territories.

However, the core idea of modern-day commuting business is based on taxi booking software. In fact, the world has an abundance of taxi booking apps and businesses as for now. The only factor that set you apart would be the technological aspects you implement into your application. And by introducing more features that help the users, the innovation that makes your service more accessible, you develop a sense of easiness and convenience in the user’s mind. This elevates the overall booking experience, user interaction, and at the same time accelerates your business growth.

Recommending A Clear Perspective Before you Kick-start the App Development Procedure

Anyhow, there are few factors you should give a thought before you decide to have a go with the app development process.

  • Have a clear notion about the scope of your plans, ideas and the application itself
  • Perform intense research on the competitors and find the competitive strengths and limitations of your project
  • Define your audience, choose the right demographics, and be sure about where you are going to present your application
  • Have a deep and clear understanding of your long term and short term goals and plan accordingly

Get some clarity on the aforementioned aspects and you can finally move on to the execution stage. You can either choose the native app development or the cross-platform development approach.

Requirement Analysis and Implementation

Understanding the requirements and demands of your business and effectively communicating those with the developers is the key to a successful app development practice. Through proper market and competitor analysis, one can get a clear grasp on this. Particularly, there are two crucial areas where you should keep an eye on.

Make Sure you Implement Transparency

Maintaining a transparent approach helps you sustain your credibility. In fact, as money becomes one of the most sensitive factors in any business, following a fair price policy is extremely important. Moreover, convincing the developers to do the same is vitally significant as well.

Speed and Efficiency in Functioning

In any taxi business, the main element that keeps the users loyal is the efficiency of your application. As long as you provide the best experience, they will stay by your side. Since there is always a sense of urgency in the taxi business, one should make sure that they meet the expectations of both users and drivers.

However, in order to deliver a compelling experience, you must have a rationalized UI and the features should always be at the user’s reach.

Core Functionalities to Integrate with Your Custom-made Ride-hailing App

Taxi App

There are certain functionalities and attributes one can’t deny integrating into the taxi booking application. AS you know, the components like navigation, payment system etc are so crucial for the success of any taxi booking application. Here we feature a few fundamental functionalities to remind you how important they are for the business.

Maps and Location Implementation

Maps and Location Implementation

To ensure an astounding user-experience, GPS based maps and location implementation is crucial. To guarantee a safe and secure ride, at the same time to provide drivers with the right directions, these functionalities are needed. Besides, it influences the customer credibility as it helps drivers to find out and reach the pickup location easily. However, one should be much careful when it comes to the expected arrival time. It should be generated considering the real-time traffic conditions.

Payment through Credit Cards

Taxi Booking App Payment

There is always a risk of cancellation in the taxi business. Clients may even cancel the ride after booking the same. To incorporate a credit card based payment system is the best way to tackle this issue. By the use of payment via credit information, you can substantially reduce the risk of ride cancellation.

Individual App Interfaces for Users and Drivers

The best way to confront the server issues is by developing two distinct app interfaces for both entities. Further, you can either try for an ally with a taxi company or can target individuals to keep the business moving. However, when we dig deep into the application itself, we will understand how crucial is the role of a GPS server in identifying the drivers as well as users location. And once this is done successfully, notification will be sent respectively to the entities. Similarly, as soon as the driver accepts the ride request, he will receive the user’s location status, which is done with the help of another server.

Payment Gateways for Reliable Money Transactions

To introduce safe and reliable payment gateways to your mobile app is a necessity. One cannot compromise on that. Anyway, there are many ways to integrate payment gateways into the app. Braintree, Venmo touch, Paypal SDK etc are our recommended payment systems for your mobile application. You can pick the right framework considering your business requirements.

Development Cost for a Taxi Booking Application

This part of the document is what most of the people should be curious to read about. The cost to develop a taxi application varies with regards to the protocols you employ. It depends on your requirements, resources and the strategies you are planning to implement. Anyhow, developing an MVP of mobile interfaces is the initial thing to do. Native experiences will possibly occur through parallel development efforts. Likewise, there is a multitude of factors that potentially influence the cost of development.

Generally, developing an application that can smoothly handle 500-1000 transactions/day takes 450-600 hours. And the major part in the cost determination is depended on the complexity of your business model, no: of platforms where MVP is launched, and the country where you develop the application.

Agriya Offers Exclusive Ready-made Taxi Booking Solution for Entry-level Enterprises

The usual cost to develop a mobile application normally upsets the entry-level businesses. In fact, there are a million things that would go wrong throughout the procedure. Possible human errors, technical hitches, poor time and resource management, the list is unending. So, to tackle this uncertain situation and to provide the best taxi booking solution within your budget, Agriya has come up an astounding Uber clone script – Taxipickr, which can be easily employed by businesses to set up an inclusive mobile application.

TaxiPickr Demo

Final Words

The conception of Ride-hailing business has allured many so far. In fact, numerous startups are launching day by day. And as you all know, the common factor that connects every taxi business is the booking app interface. Since being an inevitable element in business, developing an uber-like application deserves utmost commitment and effort. Above mentioned factors are provided for those who seek an effective strategy for their development venture. However, to keep an eye on other critical factors is crucial as well. Hope this helps.

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