wp logoJust wanted to post a quick note of (admittedly belated) congratulations to the guys over at WordPress.org on releasing the latest 2.5 version of their software.

The newest version is another step forward to what is arguably the worlds best (not to mention favourite) blogging platform – beating other open source and commercial products alike.

The latest version has way too many new features to mention, so we won’t, we’ll let the guys over at wordpress do that here:


My personal appreciation for WordPress started just over a year ago in January 2007 when I decided to switch my personal blog from Drupal to WP. The ease and simplicity was a step ahead of everything else I’ve used and I’m glad to say that after upgrading this blog they have continued that tradition.

But WordPress isn’t just a great blogging tool, over the years it has also evolved in to what could be considered quite a robust content management system, and infact we are modifying WP right now to power our network of sites – I’ll tell you right now, the programmers wanted to use Drupal, but I stuck to my guns and they conceded that WP would be able to do the job :)

If you are thinking of using or already use WordPress for your blogging solution, I strongly suggest you check out this WordPress SEO Whitepaper which contains loads of tips, tricks and plugin suggestions to get the most out of your blog.

Finally, if you are in the market for some custom WordPress templates or custom plugins, then shoot us a mail to info@agriya.com and tell us what you have on your mind. We love WordPress at Agriya, and we’re keen to help you get the best out of it!